Teaching Tau


Should the title have an apostrophe in it?  Mmmm, well they’re still the new kids on the block as far as I’m concerned…

Anyway, a gamer new to 40k was looking for someone to give him his first game of 40k.  I’ve been there as the newbie trying to pick it up, so it seemed like a bit of pay back to the community to spend an evening helping him out.  So I did.

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Death Guard vs T’au (1,500 points)


Taking on the Tau…

I won on points, 3 games out of 3 for this list, but it was very close to a tabling on both sides.

Getting the first turn was very luck and very important. I got to really throw myself at the Tau and wiped out most of their infantry before they could fire a shot off.

But those big suits lurking at the back are awesome and took a toll when they fired back…

The List

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