Death Guard Tactics – Poxwalkers

This is another of the units that you get in the Dark Imperium boxset.  So they’ve been a regular part of my army ever since I got back into 40k.

How do I use them?

Death Guard and Nurgle vs Astra Militarum

I think that there are two main ways you can use Poxwalkers, defensively and aggressively.

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Chaos Lord and Malignant Plaguecaster take an objective

Death Guard Tactics – Chaos Lord

How do I use it?

Death Guard dreadnoughts

This unit is the cheapest HQ option for the Death Guard, so one use is for it to fill out the HQ slots of a battalion.  However it’s main use is because it offers a re-roll for hit rolls of 1 for Death Guard units within 6″.  So you might, for example, have it hanging back with some Dreadnoughts (the Hellforged Contemptor hits on a 2+, re-rolling 1s is wonderful).  Another really good use is to back up Plague Marines equipped with Plague Marines, it gives a bit of safety for when they’re overcharging their fire.   The Chaos Lord is infantry so can move through ruins and keep up with the whatever infantry he might be accompanying.

Should he be the Warlord?

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Plagueburst Crawler Rust

Death Guard Tactics – Plagueburst Crawler

This is one of my favourite Death Guard units.  It’s a reliable unit that can take an absolute beating and still keep on ticking.

Plaguespitters or Entropy Cannons?

Plagueburst Crawler Rust

This is a question I see being asked a lot.  When I bought my first one I built it with the cannons, those S8 AP-3 D6 damage shots seemed like a really good idea.  Plus the thing has a great big mortar on its back, it’s got to be long range artillery.  But after playing it several times with the cannons I switched to the Plaguespitters and I’ve never looked back.

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