Nurgle vs Orks (2,000 points) – Battle Report


I’ve only had two previous games against Orks, one pre-Codex and one post-Codex.  I found both games really fun so I was looking forward to this.  This game would be against a very good tournament level player and I knew I was going to be in for a tough one.  But let’s see how I can do.

List Theory


My list was built up from the one that I used in my last game against the Astra Militarum.  That seemed to work reasonably well and I wanted to try it against a very different type of army to see how it would work out.  It was built with some flexibility in mind, and I had no idea what type of Ork list I would be facing so I needed that.

On the Death Guard side I added a Marine to each squad as an ablative wound, a Foetid Bloat Drone to protect the Daemon Prince and an extra unit of Poxwalkers for additional screening or objective holding.

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Death Guard vs Orks


I’ve only played one game against Orks in 8th Edition and that was when they only had an index, I was comprehensively and expertly stomped.  However Orks are one of the factions in 40k that are really close to my heart.  One of the armies that I started to build, but never played, back in the Rogue Trader days was an Ork army.  I loved the original solid metal models and when they started to have their fluff expanded upon (about issue 120?) I really got into them.  I did play an Ork team in Bloodbowl (Da Boyz, with terribly juvenile names, my lead Blitzer was memorably named Bullet Nipz) and I played Orks in Adeptus Titanicus and Epic.  Anyway, I love Orks.  So I was really looking forward to this game.

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