Death Guard vs Grey Knights & Inquisitors (2,000 pts)

IMG_4513.jpgThe Grey Knights are, apparently, not a top rated army.  I’ve seen it said that they’re the worst in 8th Edition 40k.  However, I find them a bit of a handful.  The mini smite that they can all do causes an automatic 3 Mortal Wounds to Daemons and with their Gates of Infinity psychic power you can’t pin down a big unit in melee combat, it’ll just be gated away to shoot you again.

So I enjoy playing them, I find them a challenge, an army that’s armed at taking my army down.

List Theory

We agreed to play a slightly bigger game than usual at 2,000 points.  I still wanted to play a mostly mono-Codex Death Guard army but was concerned that at that number of points I might meet some tough Land Raiders or other armour.  So I compromised a bit and allowed myself to take one Renegade Armiger.  It would give me a reasonably speedy unit that could lay down some troubling anti-armour fire that couldn’t be ignored.

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Death Guard vs Grey Knights (1500pts)


List Theory

I find the Grey Knights a challenge to play against.  Pretty much every unit has the ability to do a version of Smite that while the range is only 12″ the warp charge never increases over 5 and it does 3 mortal wounds to Daemons.  As I often have a fair few Daemons this can really hurt me.

They also seem to be pretty mobile with lots of things that can deep strike and the Gates of Infinity psychic power that can teleport any unit around the table.  This is great for grabbing objectives or pulling valuable units out of melee combat so that they can shoot again.

So I wanted some solid stuff that could hit hard against tough elite units and something quick that could grab objectives and react to the cards that I drew.  The army broke down into roughly three pieces.

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Death Guard vs The Imperium (1805 pts)


The points limit for this game was meant to be 1,750 points.  But my opponent was trying out a new list and realised that he had built something that wasn’t battle forged.  So he threw a bit extra so as to make his list work, and I did the same.

The Imperium was mostly represented by Grey Knights, but there were also some Custodes, a couple of Inquisitors and some Scions (I think that’s what they were) that were being tested.

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Death Guard vs. Grey Knights (1750pts)


I’ve played the Grey Knights a number of times and it’s usually a difficult game for me, I’ve won about  as many times as I’ve lost.  The collective opinion seems to be that the Grey Knights are an underpowered army.  This leaves me with two possible explanations:

  1. I’m rubbish
  2. Every unit can do a smite that automatically does 3 mortal wounds against Daemons, and this hits my army hard.

The pattern usually is that I might get the Grey Knights close to being tabled while not taking substantial casualties.  However in terms of points I lose, Death Guard are slow and the Grey Knights have ways of teleporting all over the place to grab things or to protect units that I need to kill.

So how would i do this time….

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