Nurgle vs. Dark Angels (1,750pts) – Battle Report


I finally get my Battalion of Nurgle Daemons on the table, my Death Guard fight alongside allies from Grandfather Nurgle!

I apologise for some of the rubbish photos on this write up, what limited photography skills I have deserted me on the night.

List Theory

The heart of the list was all the Nurgle Daemons that I had.  So that’s thirty Plaguebearers, a Poxbringer (buffs strength of nearby Daemons), a Spoilpox Scrivener (buffs the speed and attacks of nearby Plaguebearers), Rotigus and two units of Nurglings.

All of those Daemons are very melee focussed, so for my Death Guard I took some shooty stuff.  Two Plagueburst Crawlers, two squads of Plasma equipped Plague Marines buffed by two Chaos Lord and then an expanded squad of Cultists to fill up another battalion and to use up my remaining points.

I did plan to put the Marines in the Rhinos for speed.  But, looking back, given that I was also planning on deepstriking the Nurgle Daemons I should have focussed on adding even more dakka instead.

The Game

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Death Guard vs. Dark Angels (1,750 pts) – Battle Report

I’m having a real love/hate thing going on with Maelstrom of War missions and the Tactical Objective cards.  A few too many times recently I’ve seen them be randomly cruel to a player, and I’ve suffered and benefited from that.  On the other hand I also do quite enjoy the cruelty and the work that you have to do to chase the points on the cards.  But all that said I think I do prefer the Eternal War missions, I like going into a game with a grand plan and then either seeing it succeed or be stomped underfoot by a Knight.

But anyway, this would be a Maelstrom of War mission, so cards ahoy…

List Theory


I enjoyed playing a Poxwalker Horde in my last game so the heart of my list remained true to that.  Two large mobs of Poxwalkers backed up by Typhus.  I also took a squad of Plague Marines with Blight Launchers, a Chaos Lord and a Noxious Blightbringer.  The idea being that this would be a footslogging horde who could advance up the table buffed by the Blightbringer (roll 2d6 when advancing and pick the highest).  The Blight Launchers are assault weapons and so can fire after advancing without penalty due the Death Guard Inexorable Advance rule.  The Chaos Lord would be there to give re-rolls, which given the low number of shots from advancing Plague Marines would make help to make them matter.

I then had a Chaos Lord supported gun line of Plasma equipped Plague Marines and a Helbrute kitted out with a missile launcher and a twin Lascannon.  With this would be two squads of Cultists to act as a screen and/or board control.  They would also serve to boost me out to two battalions so that I could get some extra CP.

For speed I took my Daemon Prince and two Bloat Drones, they would race forwards and grab objectives or kill things as appropriate.

Finally I’ve also enjoyed using my Blightlord Terminators.  Sometimes I’m inept with them, often in fact, but I enjoy them and I clearly need the practice so into the list they go.

The Game


We rolled the Tactical Cascade mission from Chapter Approved 2018.  We would be able to chose our initial two objectives and then for each objective we complete in a round we can generate two new objectives in the next (up to a maximum of six new objectives).

Deployment would be the Search and Destroy map with the two forces in opposite corners.

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Death Guard vs Dark Angels (1,750pts)


List Theory

My list had three elements to it.  The first part would be a mechanised infantry group, something that could move pretty quickly.  There would be two Rhinos carrying infantry supported by two Plagueburst Crawlers.  The infantry would have a Malignant Plaguecaster, two Foul Blightspawns and a Chaos Lord for re-rolls.  These are all things that want to be up close to hurt stuff.  If I take the Fugaris’ Helm relic then the Plaguecaster can cause additional mortals out to 10″ rather than 7″.  This element would move quickly to grab an objective or to just get up the board.

The second part would be a backline.  This would secure my deployment zone and also have some long range anti-tank.  I do worry a lot about deep strikes and so took some Poxwalkers to give me some screening both to prevent deep strikes and to stop them being able to charge my anti-armour and stop them shooting.  The anti-armour itself would be Plasma equipped Plague Marines and a Helbrute both backed up by a Chaos Lord to re-roll 1’s.

The third part would be two Armigers.  I really dithered over this for a long time.  You’ll notice that my list doesn’t have a Daemon Prince or a Bloat Drone in it.  I’d have to give up my usual fast moving flying units to take the Armigers.  The Armigers are pretty flexible in that they can move quickly (by Death Guard standards) and threaten a variety of units with their S7 guns.  I also haven’t played them very much, so the usual flyers were out and the Armigers were in.  They could hang about shooting things at a distance supporting either the front or the back line.  But I’d have to be careful about units dropping in and getting them into melee combat, my Armigers are built for shooting and they’re not good at fisticuffs.

How would the Death Guard work without their rapid flyers?

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Death Guard vs Dark Angels (1750pts)


I’ve played this Dark Angels player a few times now (here and here) and he normally plays a pretty infantry heavy list with lots of deep striking stuff.

List Theory

I’ve got some Armigers on the way to the table and this might be my last game without them for a while.  So I wanted to play with an anti-tank type of list, the type of anti-tank that I have now before the Armigers come along.  As I’ve said this player doesn’t seem to bring along a lot of armour, so it might not be the “best” of choices, but it seemed like a good idea and weapons that can deal with tanks also seem to be able to take on multi-wound Primaris Marines quite nicely too.

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Death Guard vs Dark Angels (1750 points)

I’ve played this player and his Dark Angels before (Death Guard vs Dark Angels (1500 points)), it was time for a rematch…


List Theory

The list was built to let me try out my fast moving flying units.  So I took three Bloat Drones and my Daemon Prince.  I had something fast, so now I wanted something slow, Pox Walkers, lots of them.  I took two full units of 20 and if you taking Pox Walkers you’ll also want Tyhpus to back them up.  I wanted some anti-armour so took two Foul Blightspawns, they’re nice in twos as it helps flatten out the randomness of their weaponry.  I took a single squad of Blightlords that I would use to drop behind enemy lines to take or deny objectives as appropriate.  The list was finished with two Plagueburst Crawlers to soak up fire and a squad of Cultists.

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