Contrast Paint

I’ve been walloped a bit by the general hostility and unfairness of the universe, but things are afoot in the modelling and gaming but my world.  In short I’m looking at painting up some hordes, and given how I use my “only playing painted models” rule to make sure I keep up with my painting I’m looking at getting them done quickly.

So GW’s new Contrast Paints sound like an incredibly good idea.  It’ll be a new army and so doesn’t have to match my Death Guard forces, so I can do whatever I need to to get the job done.  So when I saw my FLG running a painting demo with the new paints I hoofed it down there and gave them a go.

This Poxwalker took me less than 5 minutes.


And he is the same chap with some of my other models.IMG_4717.jpg

The Poxwalker on the left is painted using my initial quick technique that I used on the two units of twenty walkers that I have.  It’s about two thin base coats, washes and then highlights.  anti was pretty quick.

The Chaos Spawn is the method that I was thinking to use on the horde.  It was base coated white, washed twice with Athonian Camoshade and then highlighted with Nurgling Green.

And then there’s the new chap using Contrast.

Initial thoughts…

  • You do apply it in a pretty thick coat, I may not have done the green thick enough.
  • The models were undercoated with the “proper” Contrast base, white in this case.
  • It seems to fall in-between a GW wash and “normal” GW paint.  It goes into the recesses like a wash but also likes to sit on the raised areas.
  • The model looks really bright, the white undercoat glows through.
  • Because it’s a thin paint you can apply another colour next to painted areas and then blend them together.  I tried to do that with his boils.
  • It was really quick, really quick.

I’m not sure if I’ll use this or not, it needs some further thought with a clearer head.