Contemptor Dreadnought

I’ve written before that I think that my Death Guard army has a problem with a lack of long range anti-armour weapons capable of dealing with things like Knights or Tanks.  My recent diversion into Nurgle Daemons has been more about fun and fluff rather than an attempt to address those issues.  But, the time had come, I needed to get my stuff together.  The answer that wanted to try was a Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought from Forge World.  The Contemptor seemed to be the thing to try for two reasons.  Firstly following an FAQ update it can take two twin lascannons and Forge World also make a nice Death Guard specific model.  This would be my first Forge World model and only my second every resin model.

The Dreadnought came without instructions and it was just an awful lot of separate parts that give you an awful lot of flexibility when it comes to posing, but with very little of the helpful pegs that GW’s plastic models seem to have.  So I spent a fair while striking manly poses in my study and paying attention to my hips and other joints while I worked out how I wanted to pose it.  Eventually I went for one leg being bent and forward while the other was straightened and bracing it from behind as if it were getting ready for a shot.  Actually making that pose was a bit harder than I thought as even though I’d practised it with blue tack holding the model together I had to cut some of the side of the upper torso away so that I could twist it as much as I wanted.  I also decided that I wanted to magnetise the weapons and had issues getting the magnets.  So the arms would be assembled and painted later.

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