Plagueburst Crawler

Painting a Plagueburst Crawler with an airbrush

I wrote up an article giving my thoughts about Plagueburst Crawlers a little while ago.  I came to the conclusion that they’re really good units for the Death Guard.  That I didn’t have a third on in my collection was more down to it being an obvious choice, and therefore a bit of a boring decision.  Lockdown changed that.  My build queue was empty and I wanted to buy whatever I could from my local game store to support them a little bit.  So a third Plagueburst Crawler was purchased as it was, other than a Myphitic Blight Hauler, the only Death Guard thing that they had.  However to mix things up a bit I decided from the outset that I would use an airbrush on this one.

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Noctilith Crown

This was a long project, it took just over two months from first assembly to “completion” (which always an arguable concept).  The Crown provides invulnerable saves to units close by and also allows psykers to re-roll attempts to manifest powers.  But that’s not really why I got it.  Back in the run up to Christmas I was wondering what to work on next and was looking for something big to keep me busy.  My local Games Workshop store had one of these out on their 40k table and had rusted it slightly.  “That looks really quite good,” I thought.  A full on rusted up Death Guard version would be a nice addition to my collection.  And so I was set on my course.

This is a big piece of work involving a number of techniques, some of which were new for me.  So let’s try to break it down.



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