I don’t charge, I intervene, heroically.

Thought of the day…

If you use heroic intervention to get into combat rather than charging you can avoid overwatch.  This could be a very good thing.

The downside is that the unit won’t get to fight first as it hasn’t charged, so depending on what other combats are going on you might get clobbered before you can strike back.  You also need to be within 3″ of any enemy unit to pull it off, but for fast units like a Daemon Prince this may not be a problem.


In the situation above Typhus could use Heroic Intervention to get into combat and avoid all that nasty overwatch from the huge machine gun.

Edited to add…

The obvious thing that I missed is that Heroic Intervention happens “after the enemy has completed all of their charge moves”.  So you can’t do it instead of charging on your turn.  Sigh…

What next part 2


I’ve painted up a few more of the models from Blackstone Fortress to go alongside the Black Legion Chaos Space Marines I’d painted before.  The game does come with a mini-codex to allow the units from the game to be fielded in a game of 40k.


I was hoping that you would be able to blend them into a Battle Forged detachment with my Death Guard.  So they could be a cheap way to bulk out a detachment.  And you can do that with the Black Legionnaires and Obsidius Mallex (the Chaos Lord) as they have the Heretic Astartes faction keyword as do the Death Guard units.  The detachment will lose the benefits of being pure Death Guard, for example the Death Guard units in it won’t be able to rapid fire out to 18″, but if you build carefully that’s not much of a problem.  You could, for example, take units who only have melee weapons so there is no consequence.

However the Traitor Guardsmen do not have the Heretic Astartes faction keyword.  All they have is Chaos and Servants of the Abyss.  The Battle Brothers Matched Play rules from the FAQs stop Chaos being used as the Faction Keyword for a Battleforged Detachment.  So the only way to do it is to field a pure Servants of the Abyss detachment.  And that will be a Patrol Detachment, for which you’ll pay points but get no Command Points in return for a game.

So these models aren’t going to be a good way to build out a Death Guard army and pick up a few easy Command Points.  I have tried the Guardsmen, Marines and Mallex out in a small friendly game and they were fun to see on the table.  They also do look nice, so my plan is to keep on painting some more anyway.

I’m still waiting to see how the new releases from Gamesworkshop (Shadowspear, Abadon and the other new Chaos Space Marine models) could be used to expand my Death Guard.  Shadowspear does look awesome, but I think the only thing that might go into the Death Guard are the new Greater Possessed.  But if the Legion faction keyword they’ve got can’t be replaced with Death Guard then they’re not going to fit well.  Waiting and watching…

Cloud of Flies vs. Snipers

A quick note to remind me in future that the Cloud of Flies stratagem will protect a character from snipers.

This is the stratagem:

During your movement phase, select a DEATH GUARD INFANTRY unit. Until your next turn it cannot be the target of ranged attacks, unless they’re the closest unit to the foe.

This is in the Death Guard FAQ:

Q: If the Cloud of Flies Stratagem is used on a Death Guard Character, does its effect – preventing enemy models shooting it unless it’s the closest visible target – take precedence over the ability that, for example, sniper rifles have, that enables them to target a Character even if they are not the closest enemy unit?

A: Such weapons cannot target the character that is under the effects of Cloud of Flies (unless the character is the closest visible target).

It’s an expensive tactic to use, but if you’ve got a character you really don’t want to die then it might well be worth it.


Through the Barricades


The Plague Marines above are happily spreading Nurgle’s love on waste ground, but I think that I’ve been playing barricades incorrectly…

Barricades let you models fight over them if they are within 1″ of the barricade  and within 2″ of an enemy model.  What I’ve been doing up until now is to basically extend the 1″ melee range out to 2″ if there is a barricade in between my model and an enemy.  So you can charge into combat with someone behind a barricade, models in combat across a barricade cannot shoot in the firing phase and they must fall back in order to move.

But that’s now how the rule is actually written…

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Death Guard vs Astra Militarum (1750 points)

I took on the Cadian Shock’s Astra Militarum for the fourth time, I’ve won the previous three times (twice by a single point), so how would this play out…


List Theory

I really like the Deathshroud Terminator models.  In a far future Universe where there is a vast amount of Dakka, but still not enough Dakka, flying around I would definitely march into combat with a scythe.  However I’ve not had much luck with them, so this list was built to give the another shot at glory.

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Building Plague Marines


I’m building my fourth squad of Plague Marines.  I’ve two ranged squads and one melee squad so I’m adding another ranged unit.  A squad of seven Plague Marines can have two of the Plague Marines with a heavy weapon.  I tend to stick with either Plasma Guns or Blight Launchers and tend to equip both Marines with the same weapon.  The box of Plague Marines comes with one Plasma Gun and one Blight Launcher.  When I built the Melee equipped squads those weapons went into my bit box.  So when building this new squad I thought I’d use them.  That way this squad can either have two Plasma Guns or two Blight Launchers with the models carrying the appropriate weapons.

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