Custom Poxwalkers

Custom Poxwalkers – First Ten

I’ve already got, and painted, just over forty Poxwalkers.  And, as I’ve said here, I think that they’re a great unit for the Death Guard.  So I wanted to add some more to my army, but I didn’t want to just buy multiple boxes of the easy build ones or hunt out the sprue from Dark Imperium on eBay.  I also wanted a project that would stretch my hobby skills a little bit further.  So I reached a conclusion that I wanted to convert something else into some Poxwalkers.  But what should I convert?  And then the thought occurred to me, Cadians!  I’ve played Cadian Shock a fair few times and my Poxwalkers have seen a lot of action against him.  So it seems like a fun project to simulate a few of the casualties from his Cadian Infantry that had risen again as Poxwalkers.

The Plan.

I think that I had seen photos online where people had taken skulls from the GW box of skulls and mounted them onto Astra Militarum bodies.  So this would be my starting point, and it would also be the first step in me trying to make sure that my resulting unit was visually different from regular Cadian troopers.  I then had to think about what else would mark out Poxwalkers, and that would be tentacles and spiky bone growths.  So I would raid my bit box to see what I could salvage and then I would also experiment with some green stuff.

Initial Assembly.

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Plagueburst Crawler

Painting a Plagueburst Crawler with an airbrush

I wrote up an article giving my thoughts about Plagueburst Crawlers a little while ago.  I came to the conclusion that they’re really good units for the Death Guard.  That I didn’t have a third on in my collection was more down to it being an obvious choice, and therefore a bit of a boring decision.  Lockdown changed that.  My build queue was empty and I wanted to buy whatever I could from my local game store to support them a little bit.  So a third Plagueburst Crawler was purchased as it was, other than a Myphitic Blight Hauler, the only Death Guard thing that they had.  However to mix things up a bit I decided from the outset that I would use an airbrush on this one.

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Blightlord Terminator

Painting better smoke

One thing that a fair few of the Death Guard miniatures have is smoke/vapour coming off of them.  I’ve gone through a number of attempts to paint this and have never been particularly happy with it.

My first receipe used some very old blue paint that I then washed and dry brushed, and it’s OK, but it’s not great.

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Chaos Cultists

More Chaos Cultists!

Things have been quiet recently.  We’ve had illness in the family that meant we had to go into isolation, then I fell ill and then we entered a national lockdown.  So there’s no 40k gaming going on.  I also had a bit of a modelling crisis.  I managed to miss one order deadline from my local game shop and after getting my order in on time for the next one the order was paused due to Games Workshop going on lockdown.  So I had no models in my Death Guard or Nurgle build queue.  Luckily Cadian Shock stepped in and passed me eight Cultists, quite what he was doing with Cultists and why he hung on to two of them is a matter of some concern.

So I have eight Cultists to paint.  I already have thirty of the loveable scamps and have posted before about painting the final ten of those.  I wanted these eight to fix in alongside my others so I painted them in the same way.  This means.

  • I paint them quickly, there’s not a whole lot of detail added.
  • I add a coloured tag to them, this helps on the tabletop but is also a bit of fluff as I imagine Cultist uprisings would use some kind of ID tag so as to be able to identify themselves.
  • I paint one chap, the squad leader, with a Death Guard style shoulder pad.  I imagine hime as being a bit closer to the Death Guard that they fight with.

So here we go, eight new Cultists ready to fight for Grandfather Nurgle once things return to normal.

And now my Death Guard and Nurgle build queue is once again empty.  I do however have a lot of other modelling and gaming distractions to keep me busy, so I’m genuinely fortunate.

Nurgle Daemon Princes

Winged Daemon Prince of Nurgle

I already had a couple of Daemon Princes.  The first was the Nurgle Daemon Prince  model, this is a nice looking model but it didn’t have wings and didn’t have the double claw weapons which I usually take.  Those things bothered me.  So I then picked up a regular Daemon Prince, this had the wings and the double claws but didn’t look particularly “Nurgle”.  So I’ve been intending for a while to do a kit bash and build a full on winged Daemon Prince of Nurgle.  I mentioned this in my local game store one night and one of the other gamers strolled off, bought a Daemon Prince off the shelf and gave me the wings then and there.  He wanted the Prince for his own project but didn’t need the wings.  So, it was settled, I was going to do this.

Helbrute first, much too large.

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Noctilith Crown

This was a long project, it took just over two months from first assembly to “completion” (which always an arguable concept).  The Crown provides invulnerable saves to units close by and also allows psykers to re-roll attempts to manifest powers.  But that’s not really why I got it.  Back in the run up to Christmas I was wondering what to work on next and was looking for something big to keep me busy.  My local Games Workshop store had one of these out on their 40k table and had rusted it slightly.  “That looks really quite good,” I thought.  A full on rusted up Death Guard version would be a nice addition to my collection.  And so I was set on my course.

This is a big piece of work involving a number of techniques, some of which were new for me.  So let’s try to break it down.



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Sloppity Bilepiper

Oh boy, that name… Anyway he buffs Rotigus (well Great Unclean Ones in general) and has a nice bit of interplay with Plaguebearers and the banner that brings models back on a roll of 1 when making a morale check so he seemed like a good idea.

He was a fun model to build, he’s got a lot of character.  I painted him with the same technique as used for my Plaguebearers so that he fits right in.

  • Green Flesh – Two washes of Athonian Camoshade followed by a highlight of Nurgling Green
  • Red cloth – A base of Screamer Pink, a wash of Agrax Earthshade and a highlight of Changing Pink.
  • Stick – A base of Dryad Bark, a wash of Nuln Oil and then a highlight of Ushabti Bone.
  • Dancing Nurgling – Painted up as I did with Rotigus.

Necrosius the Undying

When I ordered my second Forge World Contemptor Dreadnought if I spent a bit more I’d get free postage.  So I did what any sane modeller would do and gave GW even more of my cash and added a Sorcerer of Nurgle to my basket.

This would be my first Forge World regular sized miniature, and it was an experience.  He’s packed with lots and lots of detail, but there are also lots of moulding imperfections and it can be tough working out which is which.  There were a few bits that I had to cut away after I had painted some of it when I trigged that they weren’t meant to be a part of the model.

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