Epidemius is the latest addition to my Nurgle Chaos Daemons army.  He’s a resin model and an update of an old metal model.  I’d heard stories that he was a bit of a handful, and I’m pleased to say that he wasn’t as bad as I feared that he might be.

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Sloppity Bilepiper

Oh boy, that name… Anyway he buffs Rotigus (well Great Unclean Ones in general) and has a nice bit of interplay with Plaguebearers and the banner that brings models back on a roll of 1 when making a morale check so he seemed like a good idea.

He was a fun model to build, he’s got a lot of character.  I painted him with the same technique as used for my Plaguebearers so that he fits right in.

  • Green Flesh – Two washes of Athonian Camoshade followed by a highlight of Nurgling Green
  • Red cloth – A base of Screamer Pink, a wash of Agrax Earthshade and a highlight of Changing Pink.
  • Stick – A base of Dryad Bark, a wash of Nuln Oil and then a highlight of Ushabti Bone.
  • Dancing Nurgling – Painted up as I did with Rotigus.

Necrosius the Undying

When I ordered my second Forge World Contemptor Dreadnought if I spent a bit more I’d get free postage.  So I did what any sane modeller would do and gave GW even more of my cash and added a Sorcerer of Nurgle to my basket.

This would be my first Forge World regular sized miniature, and it was an experience.  He’s packed with lots and lots of detail, but there are also lots of moulding imperfections and it can be tough working out which is which.  There were a few bits that I had to cut away after I had painted some of it when I trigged that they weren’t meant to be a part of the model.

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Diamonds and Rust

I’m continuing to return to my already painted models and add rust to them.  This time I worked on my second Rhino, I’d already rusted up the first one.  I wanted to try a slightly different plan for applying the rust, this time I would stick mainly to the edges of the vehicle where it would get bashed and battered.  The other Rhino had patches of rust randomly across the hull.


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Contemptor Dreadnought

I’ve written before that I think that my Death Guard army has a problem with a lack of long range anti-armour weapons capable of dealing with things like Knights or Tanks.  My recent diversion into Nurgle Daemons has been more about fun and fluff rather than an attempt to address those issues.  But, the time had come, I needed to get my stuff together.  The answer that wanted to try was a Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought from Forge World.  The Contemptor seemed to be the thing to try for two reasons.  Firstly following an FAQ update it can take two twin lascannons and Forge World also make a nice Death Guard specific model.  This would be my first Forge World model and only my second every resin model.

The Dreadnought came without instructions and it was just an awful lot of separate parts that give you an awful lot of flexibility when it comes to posing, but with very little of the helpful pegs that GW’s plastic models seem to have.  So I spent a fair while striking manly poses in my study and paying attention to my hips and other joints while I worked out how I wanted to pose it.  Eventually I went for one leg being bent and forward while the other was straightened and bracing it from behind as if it were getting ready for a shot.  Actually making that pose was a bit harder than I thought as even though I’d practised it with blue tack holding the model together I had to cut some of the side of the upper torso away so that I could twist it as much as I wanted.  I also decided that I wanted to magnetise the weapons and had issues getting the magnets.  So the arms would be assembled and painted later.

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Nurgle Battalion

With the completion of the Spoilpox Scrivener and the Poxbringer my Nurgle Daemons Battalion, which I started back in June, is now complete and ready for the table.

It’s felt like a long slog but I’m pretty proud of it.  The painting isn’t going to win any prizes but I’ve gone from nothing to having over forty completed miniatures ready from gaming in about three months.

Did I learn any lessons?

Well I think I did learn an awful lot painting up Rotigus, I think I noticeably improved my skills with that.  Other than that I think that just painting so many models so quickly is an achievement for me.  Another squad of 30 Plaguebearers is on my mind, but let’s see how this lot does on the table first.

In the meantime the question of what next raises its head once again.

The List

Total: 39 PL, 723pts

HQ [25 PL, 450pts]

  • Poxbringer [4 PL, 70pts]
  • Rotigus [17 PL, 285pts]
  • Spoilpox Scrivener [4 PL, 95pts]

Troops [14 PL, 273pts]

  • Nurglings [3 PL, 54pts]: 3x Nurgling Swarms [54pts]
  • Nurglings [3 PL, 54pts]: 3x Nurgling Swarms [54pts]
  • Plaguebearers [8 PL, 165pts]: Daemonic Icon [15pts], Instrument of Chaos [10pts], 19x Plaguebearer [133pts], Plagueridden [7pts]