Death Guard & Nurgle Daemons vs Astra Militarum & Adeptus Mechanicus (1,750 pts) – Battle Report

This was an experimental game where I took an all infantry list against someone who I expected would take a whole lot of armour…

List Theory

After I unexpectedly won my last game with an all infantry list I called into question my belief that such a list will, for Death Guard and Daemons, inevitably get stomped by a list featuring lots of armour.  So I had to test this some more, and the only sensible reaction was to push it to the extreme and stick with all infantry.  So that is what I did.

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Chaos Lord and Malignant Plaguecaster take an objective

Death Guard & Nurgle Daemons vs Astra Militarum (1,000pts) – Battle Report

This was a rematch against the player whose Orks I lost to the week before.  He’s good, and we were still using 1,000 point lists as he wanted to practise for a tournament.

List Theory


I didn’t know what army I was facing, so I couldn’t target my list at any one thing in particular.  1,000 points doesn’t give you a lot of room, the army you build has to be pretty solid and flexible to face all comers.  Compared to last time, I decided to drop the Noctilith Crown.  I think that it has its place but in a small game you won’t have many units to buff and those units need to be off doing things rather than being leashed to the stationary crown.  I also decided to leave out any vehicles or armoured units and to just focus on infantry.  A las cannon equipped Dreadnought can be great, but it’s a bit of a point sink if you don’t come up against any armour.  I’d trust my anti-tank to plasma gun equipped Plague Marines.  Going all infantry should give me some pretty good board control and with the ability to deep strike my Nurgle Daemons I also gain some flexibility.  At 1,000 points we will be playing on a smaller 4ft x 4xt table so the slowness of the Death Guard will hopefully not be too much of an issue.  Finally I added in a Malignant Plague Caster, as I’ve not used one for a long time, and a squad of Cultists for even more table coverage.

The Game

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Death Guards vs Orks (1,000 pts) – Battle Report

This was a game against a very good player who was looking to practice a 1,000 point list for a tournament that is going to run at a local game store.  I’ve played him before, losing to his Orks and Genestealer Cult.

List Theory

I knew that this was going to be a tough game that I had to bring my best to in order to stand a chance.  So I built my list around the Noctilith Crown, which might be great for gun line armies, but that’s not how the Death Guard fights.  This really is one of those moments when you have to choose between the list you want to play and the list you feel you have to play to win.  I chose the former, but within those parameters I was going to give it my all.

The Crown gives a 5+ invulnerable save to units nearby and also allows psykers to re-roll attempts to manifest powers.  Given that this was a 1,000 point game I didn’t think I could manage psykers so I went with units that would benefit from the invulnerable save.  This was a unit of Poxwalkers, two units of Plague Marines and a Helbrute. There would be a Chaos Lord to provide re-rolls.  All of those units would be leashed be the Crown as they needed to be close to it.  I therefore needed something mobile and went for a winged Daemon Prince and two Plagueburst Crawlers.  List complete.


The Game

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Daemons vs. Adeptus Mechanicus

Death Guard & Nurgle Daemons vs Adeptus Mechanicus (1,750pts) – Battle Report

This was a mystery game against an unknown army.  I had no idea that it would be the Adeptus Mechanicus.

List Theory


In a way having no idea what you’re up against is quite liberating, you stop worrying about whether you can handle the enemy and just build what you fancy taking.  So for me this week it was going to be another chance to put Epidemius on the table.  I was heading back to the store that I bought him from, so it seemed fitting.  I tweaked the list that I took last time to make it both smaller and to also bring in a trio of Myphitic Blight Haulers.  I’ve not used them in a very long time.

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Nurglings vs Tank

Death Guard & Nurgle Daemons vs Astra Militarum (2,000 pts) – Battle Report

This was a rematch against Cadian Shock‘s Astra Militarum who I’ve played quite a few times.  Cadian Shock’s own write up can be read here:

List Theory


I knew that I wanted to try Epidemius out again as I’ve only played him once before.  This game was going to be slight larger than that one, 2,000 points  rather than 1,750, and so I had a bit more room to take even more Daemons.  More Daemons maximises the chances to trigger the buffs that Epidemius provides and maximises the number of units that benefit from those buffs.  Given that I had a few more points I worked Rotigus into the list and spent a little bit more on taking some extra Plague Marines, three squads of five this time.  My worry was that Cadian Shock was going to bring a plethora of Leman Russ tanks, as he’s done before, and given that this list would have a real lack of S8 anti-tank weaponry I might have trouble dealing with it.  If I could get Epidemius to trigger his buffs then the Plagueburst Crawlers would end up with S8 auto-hitting weaponry.  But it could be a problem.

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Sisters of Battle

Death Guard vs Adepta Sororitas (1,500 pts) – Battle Report

List Theory


This was going to be my opponents first game with the new Adepta Sororitas Codex (can I just say Sisters of Battle?  I probably will in this article) and my first time facing them.  This lead to a few thoughts.

  1. I didn’t want to build a list that was too tough, that wouldn’t be any fun.
  2. I didn’t know what I was up against, would it be a horde or armoured vehicles?  So I needed a variety of stuff.
  3. I’ve played my Plagueburst Crawlers a lot, and I think they’re great units.  So given my first point I decided to leave them at home.
  4. I enjoyed played my flying Daemon Prince and a trio of drones in my last game against the Orks.  So I’d do that again.
  5. I love Plague Marines, so I’d take as many of them as I could.
  6. I’ve not used my Terminators in a while so they’re going into the mix as well.

With all that in mind there wasn’t a lot of room left, so I took two Dreadnoughts one with twin lascannons and one with twin butcher cannons.  That would give me some anti-armour and some anti-tough infantry weaponry.

And that’s me done.  One battalion, so not a lot of command points, but that’s OK, it’ll be fun.

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Death Guard Daemon Prince vs Orks

Death Guard & Nurgle Daemons vs Orks (1,750 points) – Battle Report

I’ve played this player and his Orks once before and managed a victory, this so this is a rematch.

List Theory


Epidemius was ready to hit the table, he buffs Nurgle Daemons, so this list was all about taking as many of them as I could.  Epidemius’ ability isn’t limited to Daemons from the Chaos Daemos codex.  A number of Death Guard units have the required key words, so I would be using them as well.  I set myself some rules which were that if I didn’t take a Daemon unit in a Death Guard slot then I had to take the cheapest option.  So one of my HQs was a Chaos Lord and two of my three troop choices were Cultists.  For the third troop choice I did break the rules and took Plague Marines, I like Plague Marines.  I knew that my list had a weakness in that it was really lacking in anti-armour capability.  I had no Helbrutes, Dreadnoughts or Plasma.  If there were a lot of T8 vehicles in the army I was facing then I would have a tough game.

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