“Neglected But Not Forgotten” Painting Challenge

OK, so this isn’t Death Guard, Nurgle or even Warhammer related but I completed a painting challenge and so I’m quite pleased. Ann’s Immaterium created a Neglected But Not Forgotten challenge, and I decided to go for it.

1987 was a big year for me in gaming. I was circling 40k, I attended the Games Day in London when they released Rogue Trader but I also started Games Mastering the Star Wars RPG. Among the products for it that I picked up were some of the West End Games Star Wars miniatures. The ones that I needed for my gaming I painted up, but one that I avoided was the Princess Leia miniature. She’s tiny and would be basically just black and white, which I’ve always found hard to paint. She was also hard to use as a stand in for anything else, it was obviously Princess Leia. So she was just left as bare metal. Until now.

So, after an impressive 33 to 34 years in my collection, I now present a fully armed and operational, and painted, Princess Leia.

I’ve also photographed her with some of other models that I painted back at the time. They’ve got a lot of carbon scoring. Those boys have seen a lot of action. I painted Leia’s base to match the other bases so she fits in.

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