The Lords of Silence – Book Review

It’s reasonably quiet on the hobby front so I thought I’d note down a few thoughts about another 40k book that I’ve read.  This time The Lords of Silence by Chris Wraight.


Unlike the previous book that I commented on, Cadia Stands, this one is all about the forces of Nurgle and in particular the Death Guard.  The main character is the leader of a Death Guard Vectorum and all the secondary characters are members of it as well.

The story is fun and clips along at an enjoyable pace.  It’s told in two separate timelines, one in the “present” and one explaining how the situation that the Vectorum are in at the start of the book came to be.  So there is some jumping about, but you’ll soon get used to it.

The main attraction of this book is that it shows you how a part, but maybe not all parts, of the Death Guard actually function and operate. The members of this band of Death Guard are made out to be different characters, they have their own objectives and they don’t all get on.  They’re not all simple stereotypes of what you think a Plague Marine might be.  They’re also not made out to be simple “evil” characters out to destroy everything or as comedic jolly sources of amusement.  If anything I’d have actually quite liked there to be a happy mirth filled Plague Marine, they are all a touch dour, but this is the Grim Dark so I guess I should expect that.  You do have Nurglings in the book who are cheerful, so that side of Nurgle does make an appearance.

You’ll also get insights into the insides of a ship of the Death Guard and what the Plague Planet is actually like to visit.  The author manages to reign in any temptation to just descend into grossness for the same of grossness, and in fact I can’t remember any real moments of “ick”.  But the book is told from the point of view of the Death Guard, and they don’t see it that way, so perhaps it just doesn’t need to be mentioned, and that’s a good thing.

There are a number of 40k books that I’ve bought on eBay for a pound or so or managed to find in my local library.  However this one I did give up waiting to find and just bought it at full price, and I’m glad I did that.  Out of all the books that I’ve read this is the one that reveals the most about the Death Guard in the 40k universe.  So if that’s what you’re looking for then I’d consider this pretty essential.

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