2019 in Review

A quick post to sum up my year, something to look back on next year.


I managed 39 games and won about 2/3rds of them.  I’m pretty happy with that.  The games I lost were usually one involving super heavies (Knights and Tanks), so I still have a real problem there that I need to work on.  You can see the full list of games here.


I painted up 63 models this year for a total of about 2,391 points.  The Nurgle Daemon Battalion was the biggest single faction I worked on but the Death Guard weren’t far behind.

Death Guard (906 points)

Chaos Knights (314 points)

Chaos Daemons (948 points)

Servants of the Abyss – Blackstone Fortress (223 points)

Aims for 2020

  • I think I’ll aim to continue to grow my Death Guard and Chaos Daemon armies, probably more with quality rather than quantity.  So some more Forge World stuff and armour might appear.
  • Another unit of 30 Plaguebearers is tempting, but they’ve just gone up in points, we’ll see.
  • More Poxwalkers is also tempting, they’ve had a points drop and being small models would easily fit into my carry case.  However getting up to 20 is hard, you can only buy them in groups of six.  However I currently have about 24 of them, so I could buy 18, strip the paint from 2 of them and then paint them all up in a different colour to the rest (green?).
  • Really work on my airbrushing, if I do get more Forge World stuff and armour then that should help get nice smooth paint jobs on them.  I’m still not happy with my Rhinos and Land Raider that were brush painted.
  • Tackle Mortarion?  He’s the one obviously missing part of my Death Guard.  If can crack the airbrush then it might help me make some nicely blended painting for his wings.
  • I still need to work on my problems playing against super heavies such as Knights and Baneblades.  I know that Cadian Shock has one in progress, so I’ll be seeing more of them on the table.

One thought on “2019 in Review

  1. Good work. I don’t know if I ever played 37 games in a single year. I might go a whole decade without 37 games. I hope to get to work on my army in 2020. I have to revise every single squad to be legal if not effective in the new edition/rules. I would like to do some demons and some Forgeworld stuff eventually, but I know how slow I paint and I must do Warcry and Necromunda gangs as well, as that is easier to find time and space to play.

    Keep up the good work.

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