Cadia Stands – Book Review


A few quick words about this book.  Let me get the obvious out of the way first, yes it’s clearly Imperial Propaganda and there’s a printing error on the front cover where the “No More” suffix was left off of the title.

On the whole it’s an entertaining read but it felt strangely “bitty”, as if bits of the story weren’t being told.  Things are hinted at and then never properly explained.  For example what happened to Creed?  Exactly what was the aftermath after Abaddon used the planet as a park and ride for his Blackstone Fortress?  Maybe these things are covered in other books, maybe I’m meant to just know them.  But, to be honest, I don’t.  So I did find the book a touch frustrating at times.

Are there any Death Guard or Nurgle connections?  At one point in the book some of the characters encounter some “Zombies” that are, I presume, Poxwalkers.  But that’s about it.

So, all things told, I think it’s fun but non essential, especially from a Death Guard or Nurgle point of view.

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