Nurgle vs Astra Militarum (1,750 pts) – Battle Report

The List


I used the same list as I did in my last game against the Dark Eldar.  In part this was because I’m feeling under the weather, in part because I’m busy but also because I wanted to give it another go as I felt my win was somewhat lucky.  Basically I’m still wondering how to rate Rotigus now that I’ve also got the Bilepiper to back him up.

The Game


We rolled the Cut off the head mission from Chapter Approved 2018.  In this there is one objective in the centre of the table and you must assign 3 Intel Points between your characters as evenly as possible.  At the end of each battle round from the third onwards you get 1VP for each Intel Point allocated to a character that is still alive.  From the second battle round onwards at the start of your turn you can score 1VP if you have more characters with Intel Points within 3″ of the central objective than the other player.

So, in short, there’s a lot more points to be earned for keeping your characters alive then there are for holding that central objective with them.

We rolled the Hammer and Anvil deployment, so we’d be 24″ apart, not good for getting Rotigus into first turn combat.  I didn’t deep strike anything, I thought I should have as many high toughness things on the table at once to absorb the firepower that I could see the other side would put out.  It would also give me more Psychic powers being manifested, which with Rotigus would trigger mortal wounds to the enemy.  Pretty much everything went forwards.  The Daemons would be on my right flank and would just run straight at the enemy and get into combat.  I knew that I needed my Death Guard shooting, so they would react to the enemy.  If they come at me I’ll sit tight, if they hang back I’ll have to move in and shoot.

I think that my plan was to score as much as I could as quickly as I could.  I was pretty sure that the Imperial armour would be deleting my units rapidly and that there wasn’t much that I could do about that, so it was all about getting enough of a lead that when I was inevitably tabled that I couldn’t be caught up.

Then the Astra Militarum deployed, and they were hanging back.  They were just going to shoot me off of the table.  So I was going to have to go in and get dirty.

The forces of Nurgle would take the first turn.

Battle Round 1

On my turn I went with the plan, I pushed forwards into shooting range and opened fire. I did mange to take down some Guard but even with CP re-rolls my Plagueburst Crawler and lascannon Contemptor rolled poorly, no Imperial army went down.  There were some important decisions here though that I think were bad.  Firstly I think I should have held my Nurglings back to use as shields for my characters, throwing them into melee combat with the guard didn’t give me very much.  Secondly I think I should have left one squad of Plague Marines in the ruin they started in.  There were Guard units they could have shot at, albeit it without double tapping, and they would have had cover.

And then the Imperials opened fire, oh my.  The Vengeance for Cadia stratagem allows a unit to re-roll all failed hits and wounds for one CP.  Applied to a Baneblade it’s horrendous.  You can see my first round casualties in the pictures above.  Other than the barrage the Imperials don’t push forwards, it does look like they’re plan for victory is to just gun me down.

We both get First Strike so the score at the end of Battle Round 1 is

Nurgle: +1 (1 total)

Astra Militarum: +1 (1 total)

Battle Round 2

At the start of my turn I have no characters with 3″ of the central objective, so no points for me.  Could I have done?  Possibly, I was the only one who could have managed it and as said early I needed my lead quickly.  My shooting was better, a Leman Russ exploded and more infantry fell.  The best result though was that Rotigus and my Plaguebearers got into combat, they ripped through the guard, and beyond them I could see the enemy Warlord.  He was going to be my objective next turn.

And then the Imperials opened fire again, and they killed vast amounts of stuff.  You can see how much stuff dissapears in the photos above.  They also begin to push their infantry forwards.

Nurgle: +0 (1 total)

Astra Militarum: +0 (1 total)

Battle Round 3

A Warlord shaped hole

At the start of my turn I held the central objective and picked up 1VP.  My remaining Plaguebearers managed to charge in an engage the enemy Warlord in melee combat, and more importantly pin him so that he couldn’t withdraw.

The Imperials turn was interesting, a lot of stuff couldn’t shoot due to the Plaguebearers being the closest target but in melee while what else remained as a character.  Some stuff could fire and they felled my Warlord Warlord.  However melee then happened and in my fight back I killed their Warlord..

We had to call the game here.  I picked up 1VP for having one character left with an Intel Point assigned to them, I also gained 1VP for killing the Warlord and 1VP for Linebreaker by being within the enemy’s deployment zone.  The Imperials picked up their own point for killing my Warlord and 2VP for having two characters left with Intel Points.

So the final score was.

Nurgle: +1 central objective, +1 Warlord, +1 Intelligence Point, + 1 Linebreaker (5 total)

Astra Militarum: +1 Warlord, +2 Intelligence Points (4 total)

A very narrow victory for the followers of Nurgle, which I don’t think I would have held on to if the game continued.

Post Game Thoughts

  • Nurglings…  I think I threw them away in this game by pushing them forwards.  It might have been better to have used them as shields for my characters.  The choice between pushing them forwards using their deployment ability or to hang them back seems important and worthy of attention.
  • I had a plan, which was to score quickly, and then didn’t push hard enough for it in the second turn.  A Chaos Lord with a 6″ move and a D6 advance should have been able to grab that central objective and pick me up an extra point in turn 2.  Focus!
  • The enemy list was described as “fluffy” but I think it was still tough.  I don’t think that there was much “flab” in it, the units seem to be well worth their points.  I’m not at all convinced that the same can be said about Rotigus buffed by the Bilepiper.    So, all told, I’m reasonably happy with how I played the game given that I pulled a very narrow victory.
  • If the enemy had screen their units better then I wouldn’t have managed to kill their Warlord, the game would then have been very different.
  • I blew a lot of CP in my turn.  For example the Plagueburst Crawler had 1CP to negate the -1 for moving and then another 1CP to re-roll a 1 for the number of shots from the mortar from 1, to another 1.  I think I need to learn to spend wiser and really need to read and re-read my available stratagems to look for some good ones.

The List

Total: 104 PL, 1,749pts

Battalion Detachment +5CP (Daemons) [29 PL, 568pts]

HQ [11 PL, 225pts]

  • Poxbringer [4 PL, 70pts]: Miasma of Pestilence
  • Sloppity Bilepiper [3 PL, 60pts]
  • Spoilpox Scrivener [4 PL, 95pts]

Troops [18 PL, 343pts]

  • Nurglings [3 PL, 54pts]: 3x Nurgling Swarms [54pts]
  • Nurglings [3 PL, 54pts]: 3x Nurgling Swarms [54pts]
  • Plaguebearers [12 PL, 235pts]: Daemonic Icon [15pts], Instrument of Chaos [10pts], 29x Plaguebearer [203pts], Plagueridden [7pts]

Auxiliary Support Detachment -1CP (Daemons) [17 PL, 285pts]

HQ [17 PL, 285pts]

  • Rotigus [17 PL, 285pts]: Fleshy Abundance, Miasma of Pestilence, Virulent Blessing

Battalion Detachment +5CP (Death Guard) [58 PL, 896pts]

HQ [10 PL, 152pts]

  • Chaos Lord [5 PL, 76pts]: Chainsword, Combi-bolter [2pts]
  • Chaos Lord [5 PL, 76pts]: 3. Tainted Regeneration, Chainsword, Combi-bolter [2pts], The Suppurating Plate, Warlord

Troops [20 PL, 298pts]

  • Plague Marines [7 PL, 113pts]
    Plague Champion [27pts]
    Codex [11pts]: Plague knife, Plasma gun [11pts]
    2x Plague Marine w/ boltgun [32pts]
    Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon [27pts]: Plasma gun [11pts]
    Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon [27pts]: Plasma gun [11pts]
  • Plague Marines [7 PL, 113pts]
    Plague Champion [27pts]
    Codex [11pts]: Plague knife, Plasma gun [11pts]
    2x Plague Marine w/ boltgun [32pts]
    Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon [27pts]: Plasma gun [11pts]
    Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon [27pts]: Plasma gun [11pts]
  • Poxwalkers [6 PL, 72pts]: 12x Poxwalker [72pts]

Elites [20 PL, 306pts]

  • Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought [10 PL, 138pts]: 2x Butcher cannon [50pts]
  • Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought [10 PL, 168pts]: 2x Twin lascannon [80pts]

Heavy Support [8 PL, 140pts]

  • Plagueburst Crawler [8 PL, 140pts]: 2x Plaguespitter [34pts], Heavy slugger [6pts]




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