Death Guard vs. Imperial Knights & Astra Militarum (1,750 pts) – Battle Report


Given that Necrosius was finished I now wanted to get him on the tabletop to see how he would do.  I wasn’t expecting much and considered my list pretty “fluffy” and non-competitive. I came up against three Imperial Knights backed by the loyal 32 acting as a Command Point battery.  Oh my.

Knights are a real weak spot for my Death Guard and facing three of them is a nightmare at the best of times yet alone when I’m playing around with Poxwalkers and Necrosius.

List Theory


Necrosius buffs Poxwalkers, which means I wanted as many of them as possible.  That also strongly suggests that Typhus should be taken as he buffs them too.  Once I’ve done that that’s a fair chunk of my army defined.  I knew I would need some shooting stuff so I took my two Contemptor Dreadnoughts, one with butcher cannons and one with twin dual lascannons, and the Helbrute armed with a dual lascannon and a missile launcher.  They would take a Chaos Lord to give them re-rolls, and while I was at it I took some plasma equipped Plague Marines too.

I thought that the Poxwalkers would probably be mobile, so I took a Noxious Blightbringer to help with this (he allows you to roll two dice for Advance rolls and pick the highest).  Some Plague Marines with Blight Launchers would also follow them around.  The Blightbringer would help them to advance and I made him the warlord with the Arch-Contaminator trait to help re-roll wound rolls for them.

The list was rounded out with two Plagueburst Crawlers to give me some tough anti-infantry weapons that would follow the Poxwalkers (they’d benefit from the Warlords advance buff as well as his Arch-Contaminator trait).  The final points were taken up with some Cultists which could act as a screen, if needed, around my Dreadnought based gun line.

The Game


We didn’t roll the Narrow the Search mission, Nurgle be praised.  We had the Four Pillars from Chapter Approved 2018.  There would be four objectives along lines form the centre to the corners.  At the end of each Battle Round holding them all would give you 3VP and holding more than your opponent 1VP.  Killing more enemy units in the turn would net the lucky player one extra VP.

The Imperials deployed first and then the Death Guard.  I planned to try and hold on to my two objectives kill enough of the Astra Militarum so that they couldn’t hold theirs.  Then I just hoped to live long enough against the Knights, I had to kill the Imperial troops quickly.

The Imperials would go first.

Turn 1

The Imperial infantry hunker down but the Knights begin to move in.  One of them comes right at me.  The first turn shooting is pretty devastating, and I knew that it would be.  My twin dual lascannon Dreadnought, probably my best anti-Knight unit, is taken down immediately.  A unit of Plague Marines is also wiped out and my Poxwalkers take a battering.  Knights hit hard.  And then the Knight charges in, it kills a few Poxwalkers but that’s not too bad.  My army is hurt, but it could have been an awful lot worse.

On my turn the mistakes begin…  I pull the Poxwalkers out of combat and then fire almost everything that I have at the Knight, it needs to die, I knock it down by a fair amount but it doesn’t die.  My Foul Blightspawn lets me down here, which isn’t a mistake but is a thing that happens and must be dealt with, and did hardly any damage at all.  Some of my units have pushed forwards to try and begin hurting the enemy infantry, I take a squad down to maybe three models left but it doesn’t die (and it doesn’t flee when my opponent spends the 2CP to prevent it).  And then it’s Typhus time, he is protected by a stratagem from overwatch and he charges the Knight.  I then attack it and get it down to two or so wounds left.  The Knight fights back and kills Typhus, who blows his 4+ saves.  What I forgot was:

  • The extra attack for being a Heretic Astartes and charging.
  • The extra attack for rolling a 6 when attacking a servant of the Corpse Emperor.
  • To keep Typhus near the Chaos Lord so that he could re-roll his 1s.

The Knight should have died, my bad.

The Imperium gets First Strike and 1VP for killing more units than I did, I get nothing.

Imperium: +2 (2 total)

Nurgle: +0 (0 total)

Turn 2

The onslaught continues  The knights kill my last squad of Plague Marines, my Cultists, my last Contemptor Dreadnought and one of Plagueburst Crawlers. Ouch.

I manage to kill the Knight that I should have killed last time.  What little spare firepower I have tries to kill the remaining Imperial infantry.  I do manage to knock them off of one objective and start to make a dent on the squad holding the other, but not enough of a dent.  Even my Helbrute fires its heavy weapons at the squad, there’s no way it’s going to kill a Knight but it might take away an objective.

The battle rounds end with the forces of Nurgle holding two objectives compared to the Imperial’s one.

Imperium: +0 (2 total)

Nurgle: +1 (1 total)

Turn 3

My Plagueburst Crawler is attacked and I make it explode, but it doesn’t kill enough of the Astra Militarum squad to clear them off of the objective, the game is certainly doomed now.  The Two surviving Knights blaze away and reduce my horde to a mere handful of models.

I reorganise myself slightly so I will hold two objectives compared to the Imperium’s one, other than that there’s not much I can do.

I get the point for objectives, but the Imperium has killed more units than I managed so they also get a point.

Imperium: +1 (3 total)

Nurgle: +1 (2 total)

Turn 4


Game over man, game over.  My Warlord is killed by the two Knights.  The game runs until turn 6 with the Imperium picking up points each round for holding one objective and for killing my war lord and for having Line Breaker.

Imperium: 8 total

Nurgle: 2 total

Post Game Thought

  • Ouch.
  • More ouch.
  • How did Necrosisus do?  Tough to tell.  His buff, re-rolling 1s for Poxwalkers making Disgustingly Resilient, changes a 33% change of success to about 36% chance.  It’s not as powerful as you might think, but that is offset by having 40 Poxwalkers which will make at least 40 Disgustingly Resilient rolls.
  • I was facing a tough list with something I considered to be fluffy and not top tier, but I still played badly when I could have played better, I should have played better.  Not having my Chaos Lord in buff range of Typhus was a really stupid mistake as was not making sure I gave him the correct extra attacks.
  • Considering that I should have killed one of the Knights in the first turn if I had played Typhus correctly then did I really do so bad?  Reducing the enemy firepower by a third in that second turn would have been really useful.
  • Was there anyway that I could have speed bumped the Knights?  The Knights were quite keen on melee as they can hit hard, withdraw, shoot and then charge again the next round.  Hurling something like Cultists forwards will stop a Knight being able to move or charge through them.  Sure they’ll eat them in combat or just withdraw over them the next round, but it buys an extra round in which to shoot them.
  • Should I have sent my Poxwalkers out after the enemy troops?  It felt odd just sitting there and letting my own troops be pounded into pulp.  But I was worried that if I gave up the two objectives I was holding I wouldn’t knock the Imperium off of their’s quickly enough and I would lose points.  But I failed to knock the Imperium off of all their objectives, I didn’t have enough firepower devoted to that.  Was that a bad choice?  Awkward.
  • I was a bit salty when I saw what I was facing as I had mentioned to my opponent that I was fielding a fluffy list to try some things out, and he brought along what I would consider to be a very powerful top notch list.  Did I have any right to feel a bit put out?  A list is a list is a list.

The List

Total: 107 PL, 1,750pts

Battalion Detachment +5CP (Death Guard) [75 PL, 1,248pts]

HQ [16 PL, 310pts]

  • Necrosius the Undying [7 PL, 135pts]: 1. Miasma of Pestilence, 5. Putrescent Vitality
  • Typhus [9 PL, 175pts]: 4. Blades of Putrefaction, 6. Curse of the Leper

Troops [35 PL, 526pts]

  • Chaos Cultists [6 PL, 55pts]
    10x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun [50pts]
    Cultist Champion [5pts]: Autogun
  • Plague Marines [10 PL, 117pts]
    Plague Champion [17pts]
    Codex [1pts]: Boltgun, Plaguesword [1pts]
    3x Plague Marine w/ boltgun [48pts]
    Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon [26pts]: Blight launcher [10pts]
    Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon [26pts]: Blight launcher [10pts]
  • Plague Marines [7 PL, 114pts]
    Plague Champion [28pts]
    Codex [12pts]: Plaguesword [1pts], Plasma gun [11pts]
    2x Plague Marine w/ boltgun [32pts]
    Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon [27pts]: Plasma gun [11pts]
    Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon [27pts]: Plasma gun [11pts]
  • Poxwalkers [6 PL, 120pts]: 20x Poxwalker [120pts]
  • Poxwalkers [6 PL, 120pts]: 20x Poxwalker [120pts]

Elites [8 PL, 132pts]

  • Foul Blightspawn [4 PL, 77pts]
  • Noxious Blightbringer [4 PL, 55pts]: 6. Arch-Contaminator, Fugaris’ Helm, Plasma pistol [5pts], Warlord

Heavy Support [16 PL, 280pts]

  • Plagueburst Crawler [8 PL, 140pts]: 2x Plaguespitter [34pts], Heavy slugger [6pts]
  • Plagueburst Crawler [8 PL, 140pts]: 2x Plaguespitter [34pts], Heavy slugger [6pts]

Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Death Guard) [32 PL, 502pts]

HQ [5 PL, 76pts]

  • Chaos Lord [5 PL, 76pts]: Chainsword, Combi-bolter [2pts]

Elites [27 PL, 426pts]

  • Helbrute [7 PL, 120pts]: Missile launcher [20pts], Twin lascannon [40pts]
  • Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought [10 PL, 168pts]: 2x Twin lascannon [80pts]
  • Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought [10 PL, 138pts]: 2x Butcher cannon [50pts]

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