October Rust

While working on my second Contemptor Dreadnought my side project has been to rust up my two Plagueburst Crawlers.  I’m tentatively labelling these as done, but I might well go back and add a bit more rust once I’ve lived with them for a while.

The model with Entropy Cannons was built first and is rusted a little differently.  You can see this in the front shot, the bands of rust along the edges of the hull are a little thicker.

I also rusted the back differently.  On the Entropy Cannon model I rusted all the edges where knocks might bang any paint away, with the other model I was a little more reserved.  I’m genuinely not sure which I prefer.

I should have a game tomorrow night and I might take these two out for a spin to see which I feel happier with on the tabletop.

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