Nurgle vs. Space Marines (1,750 points) – Battle Report


This was a rematch against the home brew Space Marines chapter that I won a very narrow victory against in my previous game.  This was going to be a grudge match.  My opponent wisely prepared for this by considering my likely army when building his own.  I, on the other hand, continued with my recent pattern of just flinging Nurgle units at the table so that I could see what sticks.

List Theory


My Nurgle Battalion took centre stage in the list alongside my newly finished Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought.  I wanted to try out two “Dreadnoughts”, so also took my Helbrute.  I then wanted something to get up close to the enemy while the slower Nurgle Daemons were on their way in, so I took my winged Daemon Prince.  This lead to some compromises.  Ideally the Prince works will with Foetid Bloat Drones and the Contemptor would have been packing the two lascannons he was modelled with.  But there wasn’t enough points for that.  So it would be two Plagueburst Crawlers and a Contemptor with the cheaper Butcher Cannons.  I filled out a Death Guard Battalion with two units of Poxwalkers, a unit of Cultists and a Chaos Lord to give re-rolls to the Hellbrutes and to earn me some more command points.

The Game


We rolled the Cut off the head Eternal War mission from Chapter Approved 2018.  There would be one objective in the centre of the battlefield and three characters on each side with one intel point each.  At the end of the third battle round onwards each surviving character with an intel point gains one victory point.  From the second battle round there was an additional victory point at the start of each player’s turn for having the most characters with intel points within 3″ of the central objective marker.  Deployment would be the Front Line Assault map, so we’d be 9″ away from the central objective.

And this was where the first of my real mistakes clicked in, I developed a real focus on that central objective.  It was only worth 1VP a round compared to 3VP a round for keeping my intel carrying characters alive.

So I setup first with my mob of Plaguebearers ready to run down and grab that central objective.  The Plagueburst Crawlers took a flank each with Rotigus on my right.  My Dreadnoughts hung around at the back while my Nurglings took a flank each and went as far forwards as they could.  I would get the first turn.

Turn 1

I charged up the middle and got the Poxbringer and Spoilpox Scrivener onto the objective.  On the flanks Rotigus waddled up with a Crawler behind, he managed to blow most of his psychic powers thanks to a relic that the Marines had that gave me a -1 to Psychic Tests.  Not a good first turn for me, a few units were nibbled at but nothing substantial, no First Strike so no Victory Point.

The Marines take their turn, and they hit hard.  The Aggressors can fire twice if they don’t move and many weapons got an additional -1AP due to the new Combat Doctrines.  Rotigus and a unit of Cultists fall along with a fair number of Plaguebearers.  First Strike to the Marines.

Death Guard: +0 Point (0 Total)

Space Marines:+1 Point (1 Total)

Turn 2

I make a big mistake here, having lost so many Plaguebearers I begin to get concerned that I might lose the central objective.  My Death Guard Chaos Lord has an Intel Point so I rush him up the centre to assist.  This leaves the two Dreadnoughts without a source of re-rolls.  It also exposes him to being shot.  All of this for one VP a round.  He should have hung back.  Other than that I cling on to the centre and try to grind away at the enemy, but I don’t achieve very much.

The Imperium reposition and just open fire on the centre, when they’re finished there’s not a lot left.

At the start of my turn I did control the central objective and the Marines did not at the start of theirs, so I pick up 1VP while they get nothing.

Death Guard: +1 Point (1 Total)

Space Marines:+0 Point (1 Total)

Turn 3

This is the battle round that we start scoring for surviving intel carrying characters at the end of each round.  I’ve lost two of mine, it’s not looking good.  But at the start I do still hold the central objective so will pick up a point for that.  I try to rearrange to protect the Warlord who continues to try to hold the objective, he should have run away, he scores a point just by being alive from now on.  But instead I sat there, out in the open.

The Marines gun line opens fire and wipes out everything in the centre of the board.  Ouch.  They pick up 1VP for killing my Warlord and then 2VP for the two surviving characters that they have with Intel Points assigned to them.

Death Guard: +1 Point (2 Total)

Space Marines:+3 Point (4 Total)

Turn 4 onwards

I’m not going down without a fight and this mission has the acceptable casualties rule which means the game plays on.  My Dreadnoughts do little and the Marines pop them in a turn or two.  The game grinds on until turn 7, with the Marines picking up 1VP a round for holding the centre and 2VP a round for their surviving characters.  The final grisly score is:

Death Guard: 2 Points

Space Marines:14 Points

Post Game Thoughts

  • This game was a real beating.  In part I can hide behind the fact that I was building an army to test things out and my opponent knew I was still testing my Deamons and built accordingly.  But still.  It’s not all about that.
  • I’ve said this before but take a moment to stop, pause and think about the way to win the mission.  I overly focussed on the possiblility of scoring 1VP a round for holding the centre and completely forgot that there were three times that available by keeping my characters alive.
  • The Marine Agressors were terrifying.  A unit of 3 can make 12d6 Flamer attacks if they don’t move.  That sort of firepower is terrifying to hordes like my Plaguebearers especially when it auto hits and will ignore the negatives to hit they usually have.
  • The Primaris Hellblasters were also a nasty unit.  At close range they can put down a lot of Plasma fire that really hurts bigger things.
  • Rotigus is of very questionable value, he’s 285 points.  That could get me another thirty Plaguebearers or two Plagueburst Crawlers.  I think a list with him his has to be really engineered and planned around him.  Right now I’m just dropping him onto the table.  The Sloppity Bilepiper would help him out as he’ll allow him to advance and charge in the same turn as well as giving him an extra attack.  The times that Rotigus has made it into melee combat (which also happened in my next game) he’s done pretty nicely.  It’s that getting him into combat is tricky.  Though he is a tremendous bullet magnet, and that is valuable.
  • I enjoyed my Nurglings in this game.  There were no objectives for them to grab, so I dropped them on a flank each to try and distract some Marines or to tie them up in melee combat for a round.  I’m not sure how well they did, but I had fun with the little scamps.

The List

Total: 102 PL, 1,747pts

Battalion Detachment +5CP (Chaos – Daemons) [43 PL, 768pts]

HQ [25 PL, 450pts]

  • Poxbringer [4 PL, 70pts]: Miasma of Pestilence
  • Rotigus [17 PL, 285pts]: Fleshy Abundance, Shrivelling Pox, Virulent Blessing
  • Spoilpox Scrivener [4 PL, 95pts]

Troops [18 PL, 318pts]

  • Nurglings [3 PL, 54pts]: 3x Nurgling Swarms [54pts]
  • Nurglings [3 PL, 54pts]: 3x Nurgling Swarms [54pts]
  • Plaguebearers [12 PL, 210pts]: 29x Plaguebearer [203pts], Plagueridden [7pts]

Battalion Detachment +5CP (Chaos – Death Guard) [59 PL, 979pts]

HQ [14 PL, 256pts]

  • Chaos Lord [5 PL, 76pts]: 3. Tainted Regeneration, Chainsword, Combi-bolter [2pts], Warlord
  • Daemon Prince of Nurgle [9 PL, 180pts]: 1. Miasma of Pestilence, Malefic talon [10pts], Wings [1 PL, 24pts]

Troops [12 PL, 185pts]

  • Chaos Cultists [6 PL, 65pts]
    12x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun [60pts]
    Cultist Champion [5pts]: Autogun
  • Poxwalkers [3 PL, 60pts]: 10x Poxwalker [60pts]
  • Poxwalkers [3 PL, 60pts]: 10x Poxwalker [60pts]

Elites [17 PL, 258pts]

  • Helbrute [7 PL, 120pts]: Missile launcher [20pts], Twin lascannon [40pts]
  • Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought [10 PL, 138pts]: 2x Butcher cannon [50pts], Nurgle

Heavy Support [16 PL, 280pts]

  • Plagueburst Crawler [8 PL, 140pts]: 2x Plaguespitter [34pts], Heavy slugger [6pts]
  • Plagueburst Crawler [8 PL, 140pts]: 2x Plaguespitter [34pts], Heavy slugger [6pts]




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