Diamonds and Rust

I’m continuing to return to my already painted models and add rust to them.  This time I worked on my second Rhino, I’d already rusted up the first one.  I wanted to try a slightly different plan for applying the rust, this time I would stick mainly to the edges of the vehicle where it would get bashed and battered.  The other Rhino had patches of rust randomly across the hull.


And here we go.  I started on the left hand side of the photo and worked to the right.  I thought that my first attempts, around the Death Guard sigil, were bit too thick so after that I really thinned down the width of the rust.

And that’s how it turned out.  Side by side with my other Rhino it does look quite different, and I think I prefer it, but I’ll live with it for a while and then ponder which out of the two styles I prefer and then rusty up something else.


One thought on “Diamonds and Rust

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