Nurglings, some thoughts.


I had my second game with my Nurgle Daemons battalion last night and there are some thoughts about Nurglings that I want to write down in an endeavour to remember them…

  • Nurglings are troops and so get the Daemonic Legions ability, this is the Daemons version of Objective Secured.  This means that they’re great at holding objectives.
  • The Mischief Makers ability helps them leverage that Objective Secured type ability.  You can drop them outside of your deployment zone and, hopefully, right onto an objective.  You can be holding objectives before your first turn even starts.
  • Nurglings might be Troops but they are not Infantry.  I’ve seen this, so far, have two main side effects:
    • It’s tricky to get them into cover in things like ruins.  Because they’re not infantry as well as being within the ruin they also need to be 50% obscured.
    • They cannot move through the walls of ruins, this can lead to them getting stuck.  Be careful placing them.
  • Nurglings have a 6+ regular save but a 5++ invulnerable save.  This means that there’s actually no benefit at all to being in cover.  They get the same save when sitting out in the open as they would when firmly in cover.  So don’t worry too much about getting them into a ruin, getting them onto an objective can be much more important.
  • Nurglings are small, which is pretty obvious, but can give a reason to get them into ruins.  Depending on the type of scenery you use you might be able to have them so that they can’t be seen by tucking them behind a low wall that a “normal” sized model would peek over the top of.
  • With three models in the basic unit each with four wounds they can be surprisingly tough.  Enemies seem to want to wash them away with bolter fire, but I’ll get a 5++ invulnerable save against that and then the Disgustingly Resilient ability will apply as Bolters are Damage 1 weapons.  So I’ll save 1/3 of the bolter shots and then ignore 1/3 of the damage.
  • The above point can sometimes cause players to fire weapons with Damage 2 or more at the Nurglings.  Due to the Squishable ability Nurglings won’t be able to use Disgustingly Resilient against the damage and the Nurglings will probably die.  But, think of the other units that that high damage weaponry could have been firing at.  I’ve seen a Leviathan Dreadnought unload all of it’s Butcher Cannons on a bunch of Nurglings to shift them, those cannons would have really hurt my other more offensive units.
  • I’m pretty sure that the Squishable ability stops you making Disgustingly Resilient rolls against Mortal Wounds.  Yes Mortal Wounds are dealt one at a time but they do not originate from weapons with a “Damage characteristic of 1”.

8 thoughts on “Nurglings, some thoughts.

    1. I’ve only had two games with my Daemons so far, I’ll get last night’s written up over the next few days and the other one is already in my battle reports, so I’m not quite sure what to make of them yet.

      In both games their ability to drop onto objectives outside of my deployment zone has been a big deal. Once I’ve dropped them I’ve just left them there scoring points and soaking up enemy fire, so I haven’t had to do much with them.

      In theory you should be able to charge an enemy non-flying unit and pin them in melee by surrounding a model so that the unit cannot withdraw. The Nurglings won’t kill the unit, so the surrounded model cannot be removed as a casualty, and they can take a fair beating in return. Disabling a unit of Primaris Hellblasters for a turn or two sounds like an awesome idea, in theory.

      I see you’ve used Epidemius, and for the same reason that I’m considering him, that he buffs Death Guard Nurgle Daemons. How’s he worked for you?


      1. Both of my games were against Tyranids when I used that list. Sadly pinning units in melee wasn’t such a good plan (30 ‘guants have an unseemly number of attacks!). They did contest objectives well though. Against other armies I think you melee pinning plan will be good.

        So far Epidemius biggest value has been as a “distraction carnifex” – as soon as I explained his rules at the start of games people go for him with everything. He also acts to boost people’s fear of other Daemon units (namely bloat drones in my case). His melee ability was actually quite useful when I got desperate to hold the line against the Tyranids I mentioned above. Overall I’d say he was more fun than powerful in my games – made me build a list that I really liked playing but it wasn’t necessarily that useful. I think a lot comes down to the units he’s against – if the enemy has a lot of small units then is he much stronger.


      2. Pinning melee units in melee is just helping them out, I was thinking it would be a useful thing to do to shooting units who aren’t so hot at melee, but it’s just theory at the moment, maybe it just won’t work on the table. It’s in my head, I’ll see if I can make it happen on the table.

        Epidemius is, I think, going on my shopping list.


      3. I’ll let you know how the nurglings work out against the next shooty army I play.

        RE Epidemius: the model is finecast resin and mine was genuinely the work experience I’ve have putting a gameworkshop figure together – be prepared for some serious cutting and green stuff!


      4. The Epidemous model… Joy, deep, deep joy…

        I’ve only built two resin models. The first was a Forge World Contemptor and it was surprisingly pleasant. No really bad mould lines and the pieces al went together nicely enough. The second was the GW Nurgle Daemon Prince, and that was not fun, not fun at all.


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