Death Guard vs Adeptus Mechanicus (2,000 pts) – Battle Report

This game was a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been bit busy so I’m playing catch up….

List Theory


I had no idea what the Adeptus Mechanicus would be like, so I wanted a fairly flexible list and didn’t try to build it to counter any particular type of army.

I’m still enjoying playing a Zombie horde so I took two full squads of 20 Poxwalkers backed by Typhus to buff them.  They could be used to take an objective (as long as it wasn’t too far away), hold something in my deployment zone, to act as a screen against melee armies or to tarpit big monsters.

I then took two seven man squads of Plama equipped Plague Marines.  They would be supported by a Chaos Lord and would travel in two Rhinos.  These would be used to rapidly get somewhere useful so as to get the Plasma into useful range.  This would give me some S8 anti-tank capability.

Further anti-tank would be provided by a Helbrute equipped with Lascannons and a Missile Launcher, this would be backed by another Chaos Lord to try to make him as effective as possible.

Some light long range anti-armour would be proved by two Wardogs armed with Autocannons.  They’re not so good at taking on T8 armour but if there’s any T7 or under armour around then they’re pretty good.  They’re also useful at taking down tougher multi-wound models such as Primaris Marines or Terminators.

I did need something speedy that I could hurl at the enemy to buy time while my Poxwalker horde gets into position.  And that would be a Daemon Prince backed by two Plagueburst Crawlers.  The Prince would also be my Warlord with the Arch-Contaminator trait so as to buff the Crawlers.

My army is now getting pretty large with a lot of infantry, I add two ten man Cultist squads which allow me to take two Battalions and earn some extra CP.  The Cultists can also act as a screen to protect my Helbrute against any deep striking mischief.

The Game


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Rust Never Sleeps

I’ve been continuing to work on my rust techniques and applying it to a few other models.

After the Armiger I wanted to try it on another non-vehicle model, something without lots of flat areas basically, so I picked my Helbrute.  The Helbrute was painted a while ago and I’ve never been totally happy with my work on it so I thought that this could help nudge it up on my satisfaction scale.

And I think that that went OK, I’m still not massively happy with him, but I think that I’m happier.  I was still rusting just the metal though, the next thing was to try rusting the painted areas, to simulate patches of rust where the paint has come away.

So I chose one of my Rhinos and went for it in stages with gaps in between to asses how I felt it was going.

When I worked on the right side and top of the Rhino I think that I went too far, so the left side was toned back a bit.  The Typhus Corrosion on the left side was also applied thicker and less stippled, the rust looks much darker here.

Finally I went for Typhus, just the metal though and not his armour.  Typhus is odd in that the edging of his armour is silver and not gold, this was something that I took from the painted example on GW’s web site.  So I rusted that edging as well.


And I think that’s pretty good, not perfect, but it works on the table.

My lessons from this are:

  1. Go slowly, you can always add more rust if you want, it’ll be hard to remove it due to the textured Typhus Corrosion paint.
  2. On the green surfaces it looks good if there’s some overlap of the Ryza Rust onto the green, look at the back door of the Rhino for that.  It seems to look like the rust has stained surrounded surfaces but it hasn’t fully corroded yet.
  3. It’s hard to find real life example of how rusty the Death Guard might look.  Most things that are in use will scratch and wear in certain areas, but the Death Guard corrode things that they touch.  So, to me, their equipment will have more rust than most in use equipment would.

Death Guard vs Tyranids (1,750 pts) – Battle Report


I’ve gamed against the Tyranids a few times but they were played by a younger game who was picking up the game.  So up until now I’ve never really faced a serious and dedicated Tyranid player who was out to rip my Death Guard apart and had the tools to do it.  In this game that changes.

List Theory


My list was a slight variation of the Zombie horde I’ve played in my last few games.  Tyranids are very flexible and can be built as pure melee monsters right up to heavy tanky shooters.  My list had to be something that could, potentially, take on all comers.

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Rusting up a War Dog

I’m awaiting the HQs for my Nurgle Daemons so I returned to dirtying up my War Dogs (they’re not Renegade Armigers anymore).  I’ve been working on my rust technique and began applying it to a a larger model.  I had one of the War Dogs out for repairs anyway as one of his guns had broken.  A bit of rust would help cover up the fix.

The rust was done with Tyhpus Corrosion and then Ryza Rust dry brushed over the top.  For things like weapons you can then add silver to the edges of the weapons where they would be scraped clean.  For the War Dog I haven’t done that, they’re not going to get scraped, they’re just going to rust.

I did the hull and then I started on one of the guns leaving the other undone.

I sought some opinions and it was suggested that the rust be made patchier.  So I practised first on the stubbed and then on the main gun.

And I think that does look better, more random, more natural perhaps.

And then finally here’s the finished (well possibly, I might return to it) War Dog next to it’s “clean” brother.

All told I’m pretty pleased, I’ll continue working on it.  This is something that I will gradually be doing to the rest of my Death Guard.

Death Guard vs. Dark Angels (1,750 pts) – Battle Report

I’m having a real love/hate thing going on with Maelstrom of War missions and the Tactical Objective cards.  A few too many times recently I’ve seen them be randomly cruel to a player, and I’ve suffered and benefited from that.  On the other hand I also do quite enjoy the cruelty and the work that you have to do to chase the points on the cards.  But all that said I think I do prefer the Eternal War missions, I like going into a game with a grand plan and then either seeing it succeed or be stomped underfoot by a Knight.

But anyway, this would be a Maelstrom of War mission, so cards ahoy…

List Theory


I enjoyed playing a Poxwalker Horde in my last game so the heart of my list remained true to that.  Two large mobs of Poxwalkers backed up by Typhus.  I also took a squad of Plague Marines with Blight Launchers, a Chaos Lord and a Noxious Blightbringer.  The idea being that this would be a footslogging horde who could advance up the table buffed by the Blightbringer (roll 2d6 when advancing and pick the highest).  The Blight Launchers are assault weapons and so can fire after advancing without penalty due the Death Guard Inexorable Advance rule.  The Chaos Lord would be there to give re-rolls, which given the low number of shots from advancing Plague Marines would make help to make them matter.

I then had a Chaos Lord supported gun line of Plasma equipped Plague Marines and a Helbrute kitted out with a missile launcher and a twin Lascannon.  With this would be two squads of Cultists to act as a screen and/or board control.  They would also serve to boost me out to two battalions so that I could get some extra CP.

For speed I took my Daemon Prince and two Bloat Drones, they would race forwards and grab objectives or kill things as appropriate.

Finally I’ve also enjoyed using my Blightlord Terminators.  Sometimes I’m inept with them, often in fact, but I enjoy them and I clearly need the practice so into the list they go.

The Game


We rolled the Tactical Cascade mission from Chapter Approved 2018.  We would be able to chose our initial two objectives and then for each objective we complete in a round we can generate two new objectives in the next (up to a maximum of six new objectives).

Deployment would be the Search and Destroy map with the two forces in opposite corners.

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