Death Guard vs. Genestealer Cult (2,000 pts) – Battle Report


This was meant to be a 1,750 point game against the Tyranids but, at the last minute, it was changed to be at 2,000 points against the Genestealer Cults. I’ve not played that army since a quick game way back when they only had the Index lists.  This was going to be interesting…

List Theory


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Death Guard vs. The Imperium (1,750 pts) – Battle Report



I’ve been having real trouble taking on Knights, and in this game there would be three of the things…

List Theory


At first I became a bit pre-occupied trying to build a list that could take on the Knights.  Then, at the last minute, I though to the Plague Garden with it and built the list that I wanted to play and would have fun with.

So the heart would be a Land Raider carrying Typhus and his Deathshroud bodyguard.  I’d also take two Foetid Bloat Drones and a Daemon Prince to give me something speedy.  Blightlord Terminators are also fun and something that I feel I need to practice more with so they went into the list too.

The infantry would be two squads of Plasma equipped Plague Marines and a unit of Cultists.  A Chaos Lord also went into the mix to allow for the overcharging of the Plasma.  They’d be holding the backline.

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Death Guard vs Orks


I’ve only played one game against Orks in 8th Edition and that was when they only had an index, I was comprehensively and expertly stomped.  However Orks are one of the factions in 40k that are really close to my heart.  One of the armies that I started to build, but never played, back in the Rogue Trader days was an Ork army.  I loved the original solid metal models and when they started to have their fluff expanded upon (about issue 120?) I really got into them.  I did play an Ork team in Bloodbowl (Da Boyz, with terribly juvenile names, my lead Blitzer was memorably named Bullet Nipz) and I played Orks in Adeptus Titanicus and Epic.  Anyway, I love Orks.  So I was really looking forward to this game.

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Death Guard vs the Imperium (1,750 pts)


I’ve a problem taking on T8 armoured things, in particular super heavies likes Baneblades or Knights.  I need to learn how I can deal with them, there’s some mix of army changes and my own skill set that needs to be considered.  So in this game I took on an army with two giant Imperial Knights and two smaller Armigers, this is going to be a challenge…

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Teaching Blood Angels

I had a game against a new player who was learning the Blood Angels.  I knew that he was a new player and built what was, to me, an old fashioned Death Guard list.  I didn’t take any Daemons, vehicles or flyers.  Instead I took a horde of Poxwalkers and two full squads of Plague Marines.

My opponent had some Bolt Rifle equipped Primaris Marines, some Hellblaster Primaris Marines, some characters and two squads of Deep Striking Assault Marines.

Pretty much like the game that I had teaching the Tau I had never really stopped to think how Space Marine armies were meant to work, I’d never faced the Blood Angels before so there was also going to be a whole lot of stuff I’d never seen before.

The player didn’t want to use any stratagems yet so I didn’t use any for my side either.

So, how did it go?  Well he was pretty much wiped out.  Unlike the game against the Tau we didn’t have time for a second match to apply some of the lessons that had come out of the first game, I regret that, it’s nice to see how just learning a few things makes such a difference in how your army performs.

Anyhow a few of the important lessons were:

  • He was playing an army with a few deep striking assault units, really learn the stratagems that can help get them into combat.  Deep striking 9″ away still leaves getting that charge off as a pretty iffy proposition.  As it turned out a quick scan of the book showed that there is a stratagem to help, Descent of Angels.  This then lead to a discussion about the benefits of taking larger units as then the stratagem can get the most value at the cost of flexibility.
  • The importance of spotting your buffs and manoeuvring units so that the buffs can be applied where you want them.  He had one character that could cause units to re-roll 1’s to hit and another that could cause units to re-roll 1’s to wound.  Getting both of those to apply is a considerable boon.
  • Don’t hurl low attack high damage units at single wound models.  When his deep striking assault Marines appeared he took on the Poxwalkers.  Sure they do look scary.  But when the Marines were equipped with thunder hammers or some such that caused 2 or 3 points of damage per wound they’re waster.  3 points of damage kills a Poxwalker no better than 1 point of damage does (Disgustingly Resilient is a whole wrinkle here though).  It’s much better to get that damage applies to big units like the Helbrute.  Work out what a unit is good for and use it for that.



Rotigus Part 5 – The stick, detailing and basing.

The Stick


A base coat of Dryad Bark, a wash of Nuln Oil and then drybrushed with Ushabti bone.  This came out a lot darker than I thought it would but, all told, I’m satisfied.  I definitely didn’t want it the same brown as the base would be so that, at least, did work out.


Teeth and nails got a base coat of Rykarth Flesh, a wash of Agrax Earthshade and then some light drybrushing with white.

The glowing eye socket was first washed with some old Goblin Green thinned with water.  This was allowed to overspill a bit.  A tiny dot of Goblin Green mixed with White was then painted right into the centre of the eye.  It seems to work nicely.


The Nurgling Hot Tub was filled with multiple layers of Nurgle’s Rot, at least half a dozen, maybe a lot more.  I think it works pretty well.

And I think that’s it, we’re done.

I might return to touch up the model some more or add more detail to him, but for now I’ve called time and moved on to my next project.

Death Guard vs Astra Militarum (1,750 pts)

A recent bout of the universe reminding me of its general hostility and unfairness has meant that it’s been a while since I last had a game.  But time came when it was OK to get back into the saddle, and so here I am facing Cadian Shock’s Astra Militarum again.

You can read Cadian Shock’s write up of this game here.

List Theory


This is a very similar list to the one that I played in my last game and the one before that.  Both of those lists used my Rhinos to mobilise my infantry and get them out grabbing objectives.

In my last game I dropped the flying Daemon Prince and the Bloat Drone to see how I could manage without the rapid moving flying units.  In their place I took a pair of Armigers, and all things told it went pretty well.

This time I tweaked the list again to drop the Helbrute and Plasma backline.  I stuck with the Armigers and this time added in some deep striking combi-Plasma equipped Terminators.  They would hopefully provide me with some anti-armour to replace that which I had lost by dropped by backline.  This would also give me some S8 weaponry which I do feel my Death Guard are lacking.  The Terminators would be supported by a Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour who would try to help them avoid exploding when they overcharge.


We rolled the Narrow the Search mission from Chapter Approved 2018 with the Spearhead Assault deployment map.  There would be one objective in the centre which would be worth one point a turn.  To begin with you would have to be within 18″ of it, but then that would drop by 3″ a turn as they game went on.  There was also a 12″ “null field” around the centre which would stop any invulnerable saves being taken.  Death Guard have a lot of invulnerable saves going on, and I’ve played this mission before, and that hurt me a lot.  So this time I was more than a little scared of getting my Daemons or Terminators anywhere near the centre.


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