Rotigus – Part 4 – Tentacles and Fabric

For the tentacles I went for the intestines scheme given on the box and for the fabric I went for the same colours as my Death Guard.  The latter was a deliberate effort to link my Death Guard and my Daemons together.

Tentacles – Base Screamer Pink, Wash Druchii Violet, Drybrush Cadian Fleshtone

Fabric – Base Screamer Pink, Wash Agrax Earthshade, Drybrush Changling Pink

The recommended scheme also has a final layering of Fenrisisian Grey for the tentacles, but I didn’t have this so skipped it.

I think that these colours have ended up far too close to each other.  I think that if you layer you’ll shift the tones more and they’ll end up further apart, but I didn’t do that.  I’m considering retiring for some heavier drybrushing on the tentacles to help differentiate them.

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