Rotigus – Part 2 – Painting the flesh

Base coat and wash

I still use the drybrushing method of painting rather than the layering or edge highlighting route.  The instructions on the box for this model are for layering, but I’d seen people online using the same colours for dry brushing so I went for them.  The colours would be:

  • A base coat of Zandri Dust
  • A shade with Seraphim Sepia
  • A drybrush with Ushabti Bone
  • Another drybrush with Screaming Skull

I treated myself for the base coat and bought a can of the Zandri Dust spray paint.  It’s not cheap, but this is an expensive model that I want to do as good of a job as I can on.  I normally prime with a white Humbrol spray paint, but after some research I found that people were saying you can prime with the GW sprays too so I skipped that step.  It took about three careful thin sprayed layers to get Rotigus undercoats.  And when done it did look very good indeed, a nice smooth and solid colour had been laid down.

The wash of Seraphim Sepia was then applied fairly generously, no problems again and I think it’s looking good.

Finally there’s the drybrushing.  For this I also tried to up my game.  I normally use an old tatty brush to drybrush.  For this miniature I decided to dedicate some unused flat brushes to the job.  I then went at it fairly heavily with the Ushabti bone.  The skin of the Unclean One is packed with texture and detail and it took the highlighting really well.  Finally I did a much more careful and lighter drybrush with screaming skull making sure that I could the really raised areas and the edges of the wounds.

How do I thought it turned out?  Pretty good, not perfect but pretty good.  He’s much darker than the GW photos of the same paint scheme appear.  I think that’s because they’ve layered properly and the Ushabti bone then really lightens the model.  Dry brushing does not lighten as much so more of the base and wash remain visible.  But I’m still pleased with how this has gone.

Dry brushing complete

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