Rotigus – Part 1 – Construction and Basing

So, Nurgle Daemons it is then, and for my birthday I was given a Great Unclean One.  This model can be built in two ways, as a regular Great Unclean One and also as the named character Rotigus.  I’ve painted an awful lot of Green with my Death Guard, and will be painting an awful lot more with the Nurgle Daemons, so Rotigus’ lighter flesh tones were appealing.  He’s also carrying a great big stick, which makes sense in the dakka filled universe of 40k, he wouldn’t want to face a machine gun without that.  So it’s a go for Rotigus.

The initial build is all pleasant enough, it’s quite  nice model to put together.  At this point it could be either Rotigus or the “generic” Great Unclean One.  But I’ve made my decision and I’m sticking to it.


When it comes to the base I’d like to have a Nurgling sitting in a pool of goo, a miniature Nurgle hot-tub.  My first attempt to do this is to use a sand and PVA mix to build up a “crater”.IMG_4543.jpg

But this looked really unsatisfactory, it was clearly a raised bump over what was a very flat area, it just didn’t look right.  So I took the bold decision to strip the base and start again.  Sometimes you do have to go backwards in order to go forwards.  This model was going to be a big centre piece in my army so I wanted to be as happy with it as I could be.

So my next plan was to cut into the base and actually recess the “pool” into it.  I took a spare round base and made sure that it would fit underneath Rotigus’ base, this took a little bit of cutting.  I then cut a hole in Rotigus’ base and glued the other base underneath it as some kind of a cup.  I glued and sanded the base again and then added extra glue and sand to smooth out the sides of the pool and to build up a little bit of a rim around it.  And that looked a whole lot better.

Next will be the painting…

3 thoughts on “Rotigus – Part 1 – Construction and Basing

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