The answer to “What next?”

I appear to have reached an answer to the question “What next?”, I’ve picked up the Chaos Daemons Codex and will be working up a Nurgle Daemon army to fight alongside my Death Guard.


There are a number of reasons for this, reasons that overcame my reluctance to abandon my “mono-codex” stand point.

  • I’d been looking at Forge World Dreadnoughts for a while, and there was even a sale that they were running that gave you one weapon for free.  But I just couldn’t get that excited about them.  The Death Guard Contemptor looked pretty good, and it would add some much needed long range anti-tank to my army, but I just couldn’t gather up much enthusiasm for it.  So it sat in my basket for weeks.
  • Then the first event happened, a full Codex for Chaos Knights was announced, given that I have a pair of Armigers GW have made me a “multi-codex” soup army whether I like it or not.  So the Rubicon was crossed, somewhat by accident.
  • Next the second event, my birthday happened, and I was to be treated with something bigger from GW.  For some reason I found myself looking at the Great Unclean One and he was just so adorably cheerful.  Enthusiasm was rediscovered!  I remember the original Great Unclean One lead miniature from back in the day, and this new one looks so much better.
  • Nurgle Daemons seem like they should work pretty well with Death Guard.  They won’t give me my worried about long range anti-tank capabilities.  But they will give me some horde based melee units that appreciate the fire support from the Death Guard.
  • Nurgle Daemons are obviously fluffily close to the Nurgle worshipping Death Guard.  And they fit nicely under the name of this blog, “Plague Gardening”, so it doesn’t feel like I’m pointlessly broadening myself.
  • I already have some Nurglings so I’ve kind of started my Nurgle Daemons army already.  I can now buy more Nurglings!  Hurrah!  As said enthusiasm!
More Nurglings!

So there we go, Nurgle Daemons it is.  I will probably still grow my Death Guard as well but for now I have a new direction and a new army to get ready for the table.

3 thoughts on “The answer to “What next?”

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