A little distraction

While a larger modelling project is underway I needed a little distraction to see me through.  So I returned to Blackstone Fortress and painted the Rogue Psykers.IMG_4673.jpg

They can now go with the other models that I’ve painted so far and can form an allied Patrol Detachment to fight alongside my Death Guard.  I’ve got another 7 Traitor Guardsmen to do but in between other things I might do the Beastmen now.  Back when White Dwarf fleshed out the Imperial Guard (issue 109) I started building a Guard army but never finished it.  One of the the units the Guard could take was Beastmen, so I’m kind of getting close to the army that I never finished, or played.IMG_4674

Cadia stands!  With the right side this time…

One thought on “A little distraction

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