Custom Chaos Lord 2

I’ve completed my second custom Chaos Lord for my Death Guard (you can read about the first one here).


This one is based upon the Chaos Lord model that first came with the Blackstone Fortress set but that you can now but as a stand alone.

Both of the arms have been completed replaced with the arms from a Blightlord Terminator that are holding the weapons that I usually give to my Chaos Lords (a Combi-Bolter and a Balesword).  Blightlords are Cataphracti Terminators and so a second shoulder pad is meant to go on top of the ones that are on the model.  But this made the model look far too big and caused problems for the backpack.  So I left them off, sanded away the raised mounting points and burned some holes into which I painted Nurgle’s Rot.  The top knot was also cut away and the head smoothed down, the Death Guard don’t do top knots.


This shows the original model on the left and my other new Chaos Lord on the right.

I used to use the Champion from the Easy Build Plague Marines box as a Champion, but he’s smaller than a Chaos Lord should be and just doesn’t look as impressive.  The new figures stand out a bit more, as is proper for a Lord of the Death Guard.

This Lord also needs a name, I’ve gone for Oldenhaller for my first one, I think this one will be Kugel.  I think both shall be Lords of Virulence.  They’re normally they’re to buff shooting units, and the mantle for that is the Lord of Virulence who are said to “prefer the use of massed bombardment.”  So that’ll do.

For historic gaming reasons I wanted to call him Kugelschreiber, but that means ballpoint pen, Kugel means bullet, so I’ll shorten it to that.

6 thoughts on “Custom Chaos Lord 2

      1. I would highly reccomend not using liquid greenstuff AMD going for the real thing to cover joints. Liquid greenstuff shrinks a ton, so, and often doesn’t have as smooth a finish as you can get with greenstuff. It is great for adding gross organic looking textures which would be great for death guard. Comparatively greenstuff is way cheaper than liquid greenstuff too. LG is a pretty good tool to have in the bag, but in my opinion it falls very short at accomplishing what it was intended to.


      2. I can’t say that I’m impressed with liquid green stuff as any kind of filler, though I do really like using it for textures on big things like my Land Raider ( Green stuff is now coming up simultaneously with this in a conversation with Cadian Shock about how to make a recessed pool in the base of a miniature. So I might be grabbing a pack today and seeing how it goes. Following your suggestion I’ll also try it for gap filling.


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