Custom Chaos Lord

Inspired by the work done over at the Legion of Carnage blog on their custom warlord Krälgor and somewhat frustrated by the somewhat not particularly Death Guard looking Games Workshop Lord of Chaos miniature I decided I should up my game and make my own Chaos Lords.

So, here we go, this is my first kit bashed miniature, my Death Guard Lord of Chaos!


He’s based on the Noxius Blightbringer that came with the Dark Imperium starter set.  I was given an extra one of these models and was never quite impressed enough with the Blightbringer to want two of them in my army.  So the second model was the prime candidate for what is, to date, my most extensive bit of kit bashing.

That’s not saying very much, compared to the glory of Krälgor this really is very simple stuff.  But you’ve got to start somewhere, and for me this was it.  What I did was to cut away the Plasma Pistol from the right hand and mount a cut away combi-bolter from a Blightlord Terminator in its place.  Then I removed the entire left arm and replace it with the Balesword from a Blightlord Terminator.  The creates the load out that I usually take my Chaos Lord with.  The left arm is a little bit bigger than the right, and the combi-bolter is at a slightly odd angle for the hand but on the whole I think it works.  It is an extra-ordinarily big gun for a smaller model to take.  The horn mounting the bell was cut right back and attempts were made to smooth it away to a new point.  The horn that would normally hold a Nurgling had already been cut away by the person who donated me the model so it just needed a new point.


And now he needs a name, I’m stuck between the following, all of which come from my gaming history.

  • Barezz
  • Gzurglechenk
  • Oldenhaller

And he has to be a Lord of Something, so a Lord of Ruin?  A Lord of Dejection?


3 thoughts on “Custom Chaos Lord

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