Renegade Armigers (War Dogs)

My thinking at the moment is that the Death Guard are lacking in long range anti-armour units.  They’re really a close up army, even things like the Plague Burst Crawlers, which seem like back line artillery pieces, seem to work better with the short range weaponry.

So, to mitigate that, I’ve picked up a couple of Armigers.  They have a Mini-Codex in Chapter Approved 2018, so in my head I’m also still sticking to my Mono-Codex army.  Honest.

I’ve given one “battle damage” using the same hot metal file technique as my Land Raider and the other some “Nurgly” looking protruding horns.

I’m still working on my weathering and need to practice “sponging”, I did this before Cadian Shock published his article on the subject.  I’d asked for that article during conversation with him during the time that I was working on these two models.  I’d tried sponging before but just wasn’t happy with the outcome and so painted over it.  The Typhus Corrosion used on the legs of the models was applied with a brush and, I guess, a “stippling” technique.

7 thoughts on “Renegade Armigers (War Dogs)

      1. That is awesome! I can’t wait to see him! Hopefully I will have the second part of making Krälgor posted today! I have just been busy with other projects that I keep forgetting to do upload the second half lol


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