What next?


My Death Guard are nearly “complete” in that I own pretty much all of the units that I would like to.  So what do I do now?

I do own Blackstone Fortress and so I’ve started painting up some of the models from that, such as the three Black Legion Chaos Marines above.  They can be used alongside my Death Guard and will add a bit of variety.

But where next?

I could go Multi-Codex, it looks very likely that there’s a big Black Legion / Chaos release due very soon.  But I do quite like being “Death Guard”, they’re my thing, going Multi-Codex takes away from that.

So my thinking is that I’m going to stay mostly pure Death Guard, with a few exceptions such as the things from Blackstone Fortress.  I’ll add a few more things to the Death Guard and tinker around the edges of my force.  Things like adding a third Plagueburst Crawler seem like obvious, but somewhat predictable, choices so that might not happen.  But getting fluffier and aiming to field seven squads of seven Plague Marines is really appealing.

I’ve also been looking at Forge World, and there are a few units such as the Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought or the Terrax Assault Drill that look interesting and fluffy, they could add some colour to my army.

But you can’t order Forgeworld through my local game store, and I like supporting the store with orders.  So it’s complicated.

We shall see.


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