Death Guard vs Crimson Fists (1750 pts)

I took on the Marines again, this time being played as the Crimson Fists with the rules from White Dwarf magazine.  It’s worth taking a moment to explain that the Crimson Fists have a soft spot in my heart.  They’re the Chapter that were illustrated on the front cover of the original Rogue Trader book (a scene that you can see modelled at Warhammer World).  So I was going to have a lot of fun with this.

Crimson Fists at Warhammer World

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Death Guard vs Astra Militarum (1750 pts)


It’s been while since my last game against the Astra Millitarum but we finally got one booked in at Boards and Swords.  I’ve had three narrow victories against them and taken one pretty crushing defeat in return, this is going to be tough.

List Theory

I was feeling quite unwell on the day of this game and I came close to cancelling it.  But I’d not had a game the week before, wasn’t sure if I could manage the week after and I hate cancelling on people.  So the game went ahead.  But I was more than a little fuzzy headed, so this gave my list a few drivers.

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Death Guard vs Ultramarines (1,750 pts)


My opponent, the chap who usually has the Salamanders, is an excellent and a quick painter.  He picked up Roboute Guilliman about a week before this game and got him all painted up and ready to go to a very high standard, he looked awesome, but he died embarrassingly, albeit after killing a tonne of stuff.

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