Death Guard vs Space Marines (1750 pts)


This was my last game in 2018 and was a rematch against the Space Marines player who beat me last time.

List Theory

I didn’t have any Plague Marines in our last game so this time I wanted to address that while also trying to introduce some speed into my army.

I took one squad of Melee Marines backed up by a Biologus Putrifier (for Blight Bombardment antics) and a Malignant Plaguecaster (to buff with Blades of Putrification and to hopefully cause some mortal wounds by being up close when rolling 7+ when manifesting psychic powers).  I also took some shooty Marines.  All of the Marines would go into Rhinos to reduce my drops and to give me the desired mobility.

I took a fast moving group of two Bloat Drones and a winged Daemon Prince, the Rhinos and the flying units would help me to grab objectives.  I backed this up with two Plagueburst Crawlers to act as a solid reliable stick and to also soak up some fire so as to allow the Rhinos to get into position.

I also took a unit of Poxwalkers to act as back field objective holders rather than my usual Cultists.  I thought that the combination of Disgustingly Resilient combined with their immunity to Morale would prove to be a handy combination.

Set Up

We did a mission from Chapter Approved 2018 (which had only just been delivered to me the day before).  We rolled “Four Pillars” which also had the Marines player set up all of this Marines in one go before I had to deploy anything.  The Marines weren’t just Salamanders this time, there were at least three detachments drawn from at least three different Chapters.


And that is how we deployed.  The big hill on the left caused both of us some problems, more on that later.

The Marine player got the first turn and away we went…

The Game

We managed about three or four turns, and they went something like this…

Turn 1

The Marines grabbed two objectives to my one and scored well.  But they didn’t mange to kill very much.  The hill protected one flank of his Marines from fire but that cut two ways and he couldn’t fire much at my units.

On my turn the Death Guard advanced forwards and did quite a lot of damage to the Marines.  I took First Strike (what used to be First Blood, not all units have Blood I guess) and grabbed at least two objectives.  The hill also caused me trouble, I just couldn’t get my Daemon Prince into combat over it.

Turn 2

The Marines kept on firing but fortunate rolling in my favour meant that it didn’t hurt me very much.

My melee Death Guard leapt out of their Rhino and, after hitting hard with a Blight Bombardment, charged into combat.  Again the hill really got in my way.  There were only a couple of narrow ways through and I couldn’t get stuck into the units that I wanted to.  My Daemon Prince was also milling about on the wrong side of the hill not offering re-rolls to the assaulting Melee Marines or hitting anything himself.  But I took some more objectives and killed more units, I was building up a lead in points.

Turn 3 and onward

My shooting Plague Marines were now in position in the woods on my right flank and began to take a toll on the Marines opposite, 18″ Rapid Fire is a wonderful thing, when you’re not receiving it anyway.

On the left flank my Melee Marines advanced onward and were grinding away at the Marines they were facing and pushing them back.  My Bloat Drones had now completed their flanking around the side of the hill and were also causing trouble.

And at this point we called the game.  Time was against us but I had a decent enough lead in points and had caused enough casualties that it didn’t appear to the Marines would be able to catch up.

Victory to the Death Guard.

Post Game Thoughts

  • Death to the False Emperor!  Again!  I forgot this a lot despite taking a unit of Melee Marines who needed all the extra hits they could get their hands on.  Must.  Try.  Harder.
  • That cursed hill!  The hill present a real challenge on my left flank.  I think, all things told, I benefited from it.  I needed to get my Melee Marines into choppy choppy range without them being blown off of the table, and the hill helped that.  But on the negative it really limited which units they could charge and I just blew moving my Daemon Prince around so he contributed pretty much nothing to the game.  He dithered to the left, he dithered to the right and did not pull his weight.  I clearly need to work on my movement when it comes to restrictive terrain.
  • Keep in range of buff!  The hill hurt again here, the narrow channels the Marines could go down and my ineptitude with the Daemon Prince proved a horrible combination.

The List

Battalion Detachment +5CP [81 PL, 1451pts]

HQ [15 PL, 290pts]

  • Daemon Prince of Nurgle [9 PL, 180pts]: 5. Putrescent Vitality, Malefic talon [10pts], The Suppurating Plate, Wings [1 PL, 24pts]
  • Malignant Plaguecaster [6 PL, 110pts]: 4. Blades of Putrefaction, 6. Arch-Contaminator, 6. Curse of the Leper, Warlord

Troops [26 PL, 417pts]

  • Plague Marines [10 PL, 151pts]
    Plague Champion [25pts]
    Codex [9pts]: Boltgun, Plague knife, Power fist [9pts]
    Plague Marine w/ melee weapons [26pts]: Flail of Corruption [10pts]
    Plague Marine w/ melee weapons [26pts]: Flail of Corruption [10pts]
    Plague Marine w/ melee weapons [21pts]: Bubotic Axe [5pts]
    Plague Marine w/ melee weapons [21pts]: Bubotic Axe [5pts]
    Plague Marine w/ melee weapons [16pts]: 2nd Plague knife
    Plague Marine w/ melee weapons [16pts]: 2nd Plague knife
  • Plague Marines [10 PL, 146pts]
    Plague Champion [28pts]
    Codex [12pts]: Plaguesword [1pts], Plasma gun [11pts]
    4x Plague Marine w/ boltgun [64pts]
    Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon [27pts]: Plasma gun [11pts]
    Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon [27pts]: Plasma gun [11pts]
  • Poxwalkers [6 PL, 120pts]: 20x Poxwalker [120pts]

Fast Attack [16 PL, 316pts]

  • Foetid Bloat-drone [8 PL, 158pts]: 2x Plaguespitters [34pts], Plague probe [25pts]
  • Foetid Bloat-drone [8 PL, 158pts]: 2x Plaguespitters [34pts], Plague probe [25pts]

Heavy Support [16 PL, 280pts]

  • Plagueburst Crawler [8 PL, 140pts]: 2x Plaguespitter [34pts], Heavy slugger [6pts]
  • Plagueburst Crawler [8 PL, 140pts]: 2x Plaguespitter [34pts], Heavy slugger [6pts]

Dedicated Transport [8 PL, 148pts]

  • Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 74pts]: Combi-bolter [2pts], Combi-bolter [2pts]
  • Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 74pts]: Combi-bolter [2pts], Combi-bolter [2pts]

Vanguard Detachment +1CP [17 PL, 299pts]

HQ [5 PL, 85pts]

  • Chaos Lord [5 PL, 85pts]: Chainsword, Combi-plasma [11pts]

Elites [12 PL, 214pts]

  • Biologus Putrifier [4 PL, 60pts]
  • Foul Blightspawn [4 PL, 77pts]
  • Foul Blightspawn [4 PL, 77pts]



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