Chaos Spawn

I’ve complete two new Chaos Spawn miniatures for my army.  At 25 points each and with a minimum unit size of 1 they seem like they could be a nice way to fill out a detachment.

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Death Guard vs The Imperium (1805 pts)


The points limit for this game was meant to be 1,750 points.  But my opponent was trying out a new list and realised that he had built something that wasn’t battle forged.  So he threw a bit extra so as to make his list work, and I did the same.

The Imperium was mostly represented by Grey Knights, but there were also some Custodes, a couple of Inquisitors and some Scions (I think that’s what they were) that were being tested.

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Death Guard vs Astra Militarum (1,750 pts)


My fourth match against the player who usually takes the Space Marines.  I’d mentioned that I liked tanks and had never seen a Baneblade on the table, so he thought he would rectify that with a pair of them.  I’d built an infantry heavy army for a change from my previous lists and knew that this would be a hard slog.  He asked if I was sure as he had an alternate list, I said I was, so off we went…

List Theory

My list was all about the infantry.  I took typhus and as many Poxwalkers as I had (two units of twenty).  I backed that up with three units of Plague Marines.  For speed there was a Daemon Prince and a single Bloat Drone.  I also took some deep striking Blightlord Terminators all packing combi-plasma backed by a Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour.  Those chaps can rapid fire overcharged plasma out to 18″ and although expensive I thought it would give me some pretty powerful anti-armour that could drop right where I needed it.

So the plan would be for the Poxwalkers to shamble onto an objective or sit on one and act as a tarpit.  The Marines would give me some shooty.  The Prince would be protected by the Drone and would give me a speedy unit to grab some objectives.  Meanwhile those Terminators would be ready to take out any backfield artillery.

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