Death Guard Land Raider pt3

I don’t paint with an airbrush and when I painted my Deathguard Rhinos the large flat areas ended up looking a bit rubbish. The wash pooled weirdly and I just wasn’t too happy with how it turned out.  So with the Land Raider I wanted to try out a few things.

As I mentioned last time I used the heavy bolter turret as an experiment.  I put on some liquid green stuff to act as a dirty bubbling paint texture in a few places and then used a hot round metal file to melt some holes into it to represent either battle damage or corroded holes.  I chose to burn rather than drill as I hope this would create more of a natural “crater” with a build up of material around the edges.  This is how it turned out…

This is the turret with the liquid green stuff and some holes.


And this is how it looked after painting and washing.  The liquid green stuff really shrinks down, which is why I don’t rate it as a gap filler, and so it makes a nice “bubbly texture” that the wash seems to play nicely with.


And then this is it highlighted.  I think it’s worked quite nicely.  It’s not too obtrusive and seems to add something to the overall thing.


My conclusions?

It worked quite nicely, so onto the las cannon sponsoons to make sure that I’m happy before I apply the same treatment to the hull.

2 thoughts on “Death Guard Land Raider pt3

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  2. I absolutely love the way you paint your Death Guard! You capture exactly how darkly and grimy I imagine they would look and how the lore describes them. That has been my biggest turn off with the new Death Guard is I hate how bright and, dare I say child friendly they look when GW paints them. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that had that experience and idea with liquid green stuff haha. It works wonderfully to build up layers and make a natural fleshy growth look. Like you said though, it’s pretty ineffective as a gap filler. Better off using real greenstuff for that I have found lol.

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