Death Guard Land Raider pt2


The Land Raider is now fully assembled, and that wasn’t a terribly pleasant task.  The top plate of the hull took a lot of trimming down before it would fit and when it did there were still an awful lot of gaps.  I’ve attempted to fill the gaps as best as I could with Liquid Green Stuff (which I’m not a big fan of), glue and lots of holding it in place while it dried.  There’s also a lot of “flash” around the edges of some of the parts.  I don’t know if this means that the moulds are getting old and worn out or if it’s just the way that it is.

I’ve built a lot of model kits in my time but this has to have been one of the worst.  The only one that I recall giving me more trouble was a Star Wars Imperial Shuttle way back in about 1983 or 1984.  That one I gave up on for a time and in the end used an awful lot of clothes pegs to bend it into shape.

Objectively I doubt that it’s actually that bad, but it’s at the limit of what I can enjoyably build.  Given some of the horror stories that I’ve heard about Forge World models it’s best that I probably avoid them.


I’ve “Nurgled” it up a touch with some Spikes and a Plague Marine head and shoulder pads for the gunner.  I’ve tried not to go to overboard as I don’t want the spikes blocking the gunner too much.

The sponsoons, Heavy Bolter turret and Gunner are not glued in, they will be painted separately and then glued in.  I’ve also put the guns at the front and not the back.  Why on Terra would the passengers disembark into the guns fields of fire?

I’m also experimenting with detailing and applying damage to the hull by using the Heavy Bolter as a test piece.


I’ve used a metal round file heated up to burn bullet damage into the plastic and also tried using Liquid Green stuff to make a “gunky” texturing to the top.  I’ve had issues before with the way that I paint and painting large flat areas on the Rhino.  My idea is that if I can make an interesting “dirty” texture on the hull of the Raider it will look much better, and more Nurgly, when I paint it.  First I need to clean up a bit more flash on the edges and I’ll also drill out the barrels.

We shall see.

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