Death Guard Land Raider pt3

I don’t paint with an airbrush and when I painted my Deathguard Rhinos the large flat areas ended up looking a bit rubbish. The wash pooled weirdly and I just wasn’t too happy with how it turned out.  So with the Land Raider I wanted to try out a few things.

As I mentioned last time I used the heavy bolter turret as an experiment.  I put on some liquid green stuff to act as a dirty bubbling paint texture in a few places and then used a hot round metal file to melt some holes into it to represent either battle damage or corroded holes.  I chose to burn rather than drill as I hope this would create more of a natural “crater” with a build up of material around the edges.  This is how it turned out…

This is the turret with the liquid green stuff and some holes.


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Death Guard Land Raider pt2


The Land Raider is now fully assembled, and that wasn’t a terribly pleasant task.  The top plate of the hull took a lot of trimming down before it would fit and when it did there were still an awful lot of gaps.  I’ve attempted to fill the gaps as best as I could with Liquid Green Stuff (which I’m not a big fan of), glue and lots of holding it in place while it dried.  There’s also a lot of “flash” around the edges of some of the parts.  I don’t know if this means that the moulds are getting old and worn out or if it’s just the way that it is.

I’ve built a lot of model kits in my time but this has to have been one of the worst.  The only one that I recall giving me more trouble was a Star Wars Imperial Shuttle way back in about 1983 or 1984.  That one I gave up on for a time and in the end used an awful lot of clothes pegs to bend it into shape.

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Death Guard vs Salamanders (1750 pts)


I had a match against a new opponent, he had an entirely infantry based Space Marines army painted up as a custom Chapter.  He had bikes, but there are infantry models sat on them so I’ll call them infantry, but there were no tanks or other vehicles.  The army looked great and was full of character.

So we had two fully painted armies on the table, not a hint of grey plastic anywhere.  I understand and have no issue playing against armies that aren’t “finished”.  It doesn’t affect the game at all and finding time for modelling is hard.  But I will say that it’s so nice, and looks so great, when everything is fully painted up.

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Death Guard vs Tyranids (1000 points)

Another small friendly game where I’m trying to help a younger gamer work out how to play Tyranids.


List Theory

I’ve a Land Raider underway with the intent that it will carry my Deathshrouds into combat.  Therefore I wanted to try deep striking them one last time, and I knew that they wouldn’t be terribly good but they would be fun.  Having decided on them I then took Typhus to give them something to guard.

The other part of my list consisted of three squads of Plague Marines, a Chaos Lord and thirty Cultists to act as a screen.  I wanted to practice screening and also help the Tyranid player would out how to deal with screens.

Set Up

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Death Guard Land Raider pt1


I’ve started building my first Land Raider.  It is, for me, one of the iconic vehicles for Warhammer 40k.  One of the first advertorials for the game in White Dwarf had a kit bashed Land Raider, and that image got me interested in the game.  I believe that a friend showed it to me while waiting for a school assembly to begin.  So, as said, for me it’s iconic.

  • I’ve constructed the main part of the hull today and I’ve some notes already
  • I’m going to glue the doors shut.  This avoids me having to spend time painting the interior and would anyone really want to see inside a Nurgle Land Raider?
  • I’ve cut down and smoothed away the Imperial Aquilla on the front door and the Adeptus Mechanicus skull on the rear.
  • There’s going to be a fair bit of filling to be done, there are some gaps where the top of the hull joins the side and the exhaust pipes at the rear don’t join up too well.

I’m going to take my time on this, this is the biggest and most expensive single 40k model I’ve built to date so I’d like to be pleased with what I achieve.