Cloud of Flies vs. Snipers

A quick note to remind me in future that the Cloud of Flies stratagem will protect a character from snipers.

This is the stratagem:

During your movement phase, select a DEATH GUARD INFANTRY unit. Until your next turn it cannot be the target of ranged attacks, unless they’re the closest unit to the foe.

This is in the Death Guard FAQ:

Q: If the Cloud of Flies Stratagem is used on a Death Guard Character, does its effect – preventing enemy models shooting it unless it’s the closest visible target – take precedence over the ability that, for example, sniper rifles have, that enables them to target a Character even if they are not the closest enemy unit?

A: Such weapons cannot target the character that is under the effects of Cloud of Flies (unless the character is the closest visible target).

It’s an expensive tactic to use, but if you’ve got a character you really don’t want to die then it might well be worth it.


2 thoughts on “Cloud of Flies vs. Snipers

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