Through the Barricades


The Plague Marines above are happily spreading Nurgle’s love on waste ground, but I think that I’ve been playing barricades incorrectly…

Barricades let you models fight over them if they are within 1″ of the barricade  and within 2″ of an enemy model.  What I’ve been doing up until now is to basically extend the 1″ melee range out to 2″ if there is a barricade in between my model and an enemy.  So you can charge into combat with someone behind a barricade, models in combat across a barricade cannot shoot in the firing phase and they must fall back in order to move.

But that’s now how the rule is actually written…

Infantry models within 1″ of a barricade, and behind it from the view of the firing unit, receive the benefit of cover.  In addition, enemy units can Fight across a barricade, even though the physical distance is sometimes more than 1″.  When resolving Fights between units on opposite sides of a barricade units can be chosen to Fight and can make their attacks if the enemy is within 2″ instead of the normal 1″.

Other than cover the special rules for barricades seems to explicitly only apply in the fight phase.  It grants an exception to being able to be chosen to Fight and making attacks.  It does not apply in any other phase.  This has a few implications if the barricade is at least 1″ wide (which mine are):

  1. If you’re fighting across a barricade you can just move away without having to fall back, you’re not within 1″ of an enemy model.
  2. If you’re fighting across a barricade you can still shoot your weapons in the shooting phase, you’re not within 1″ of an enemy model.
  3. You cannot charge an enemy model behind a barricade, you cannot get within 1″ of them.

I presume that this is how it is meant to be, GW have had a fair few FAQs and erratas to change it if it isn’t.  Barricades are now really useful for a defender facing a melee army.  It’ll take your enemy longer to get to you as they can’t charge and when they do get you on your next turn you can still shoot them with all weapons or abandon the barricade and then still shoot.

But on the other hand I have never played the rule like this or seen it played like this and I really don’t want to be “that guy”.  There’s also this post where people are saying that you just extend the usual 1″ melee range out to 2″ for all purposes.

Interesting, very interesting.

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