Death Guard vs Tyranids (1000 points)


This was a small friendly game against a younger gamer, we were both trying to work out how to best play Tyranids.

List Theory

I wanted to use all of the four squads of Plague Marines that I have, so I did.  This was going to be a fun game for me so I didn’t want to over think it and left out some of the units I consider really good out.  To act as a screen for the Marines I also took all the Cultists that I have, 30 of them, to act as a screen.  I filled up the list with a Rhino for the Melee Marines, a Chaos Lord for re-rolls and a Malignant Plaguecaster to buff the Melee Marines.

Set Up

We played the supply drop mission from Chapter Approved 2017 (I guess I had better get used to adding in the year, the new one will drop in a few weeks).  There were 6 objectives on the table which would later be reduced to two, each of those would be worth 3 points at the end of the game

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Cloud of Flies vs. Snipers

A quick note to remind me in future that the Cloud of Flies stratagem will protect a character from snipers.

This is the stratagem:

During your movement phase, select a DEATH GUARD INFANTRY unit. Until your next turn it cannot be the target of ranged attacks, unless they’re the closest unit to the foe.

This is in the Death Guard FAQ:

Q: If the Cloud of Flies Stratagem is used on a Death Guard Character, does its effect – preventing enemy models shooting it unless it’s the closest visible target – take precedence over the ability that, for example, sniper rifles have, that enables them to target a Character even if they are not the closest enemy unit?

A: Such weapons cannot target the character that is under the effects of Cloud of Flies (unless the character is the closest visible target).

It’s an expensive tactic to use, but if you’ve got a character you really don’t want to die then it might well be worth it.


Death Guard vs Dark Angels (1750 points)

I’ve played this player and his Dark Angels before (Death Guard vs Dark Angels (1500 points)), it was time for a rematch…


List Theory

The list was built to let me try out my fast moving flying units.  So I took three Bloat Drones and my Daemon Prince.  I had something fast, so now I wanted something slow, Pox Walkers, lots of them.  I took two full units of 20 and if you taking Pox Walkers you’ll also want Tyhpus to back them up.  I wanted some anti-armour so took two Foul Blightspawns, they’re nice in twos as it helps flatten out the randomness of their weaponry.  I took a single squad of Blightlords that I would use to drop behind enemy lines to take or deny objectives as appropriate.  The list was finished with two Plagueburst Crawlers to soak up fire and a squad of Cultists.

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Through the Barricades


The Plague Marines above are happily spreading Nurgle’s love on waste ground, but I think that I’ve been playing barricades incorrectly…

Barricades let you models fight over them if they are within 1″ of the barricade  and within 2″ of an enemy model.  What I’ve been doing up until now is to basically extend the 1″ melee range out to 2″ if there is a barricade in between my model and an enemy.  So you can charge into combat with someone behind a barricade, models in combat across a barricade cannot shoot in the firing phase and they must fall back in order to move.

But that’s now how the rule is actually written…

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Plague Marines Finished


I’ve finished my third squad of Plague Marines and I’m reasonably happy with them.

I’m a bit concerned that the varnish is a touch glossy.  I’ve used the same bottle of varnish for a while so I can compare it back to another of my squads.  It might be that I didn’t shake it enough or that it’s running out of matting agent in which case I move on to a new bottle.

I can always apply another coat of varnish to dull the gloss so this isn’t a big deal.

Death Guard vs Astra Militarum (1750 points)

I took on the Cadian Shock’s Astra Militarum for the fourth time, I’ve won the previous three times (twice by a single point), so how would this play out…


List Theory

I really like the Deathshroud Terminator models.  In a far future Universe where there is a vast amount of Dakka, but still not enough Dakka, flying around I would definitely march into combat with a scythe.  However I’ve not had much luck with them, so this list was built to give the another shot at glory.

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Nurgle’s Rot Technical Paint


I’ve been experimenting with the Games Workshop Nurgle’s Rot technical paint…

In the model above it’s applied quite thickly to the hole in the armour on the left leg and to the mouth in the stomach.  I think you do have to apply it quite thickly, it dries semi-translucent so it doesn’t obscure everything underneath it.  If it’s too thin then it doesn’t show up that well against a darker background.

For the boil on the stomach I applied it reasonably thinly over a white basecoat, it looks OK.  I’ll compare it to somewhere where I put it over yellow and see which ones looks better.

I do varnish my miniatures, which is a whole other issue, with matt varnish.  The Nurgle’s Rot has a glossy finish so as to look wet and gooey.  I wanted to retain that so I painted it on after the varnish had fully dried.