Building Plague Marines


I’m building my fourth squad of Plague Marines.  I’ve two ranged squads and one melee squad so I’m adding another ranged unit.  A squad of seven Plague Marines can have two of the Plague Marines with a heavy weapon.  I tend to stick with either Plasma Guns or Blight Launchers and tend to equip both Marines with the same weapon.  The box of Plague Marines comes with one Plasma Gun and one Blight Launcher.  When I built the Melee equipped squads those weapons went into my bit box.  So when building this new squad I thought I’d use them.  That way this squad can either have two Plasma Guns or two Blight Launchers with the models carrying the appropriate weapons.

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Death Guard vs Astra Militarum (1750 points)


My Death Guard took on a different type of Astra Militarum, the Catchacans.  I scored a very narrow victory point finishing the game one point ahead (I think it was 11 to 10).

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Death Guard vs Astra Militarum (1750 points)


I had my third game against the Astra Militarum and I had another victory, though it was incredibly close and I was only ahear by a single point.  This was a Maelstrom of War game with the cards generating objectives.  There’a a full write up on the Cadian Shock blog here but I wanted to record my thoughts so that I might remember them and learn from them…

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Painting Cultists (Quickly)


I’m adding another squad of ten Chaos Cultists to my Death Guard army.  I’ve already got twenty of the little scamps but the idea of having one huge squad of thirty or filling out a cheap battalion with three squads of ten is appealing.

I’m a slow painter, and painting the same thing can get quite tedious.  So I need these painted quickly but uniformly so that they fit in with the rest of my army.  Therefore I’ll be cutting some corners along the way.  I’m also curious to see exactly how long it takes to get a squad finished.

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Death Guard vs. Grey Knights (1750pts)


I’ve played the Grey Knights a number of times and it’s usually a difficult game for me, I’ve won about  as many times as I’ve lost.  The collective opinion seems to be that the Grey Knights are an underpowered army.  This leaves me with two possible explanations:

  1. I’m rubbish
  2. Every unit can do a smite that automatically does 3 mortal wounds against Daemons, and this hits my army hard.

The pattern usually is that I might get the Grey Knights close to being tabled while not taking substantial casualties.  However in terms of points I lose, Death Guard are slow and the Grey Knights have ways of teleporting all over the place to grab things or to protect units that I need to kill.

So how would i do this time….

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Painting Plague Marines

I picked up a copy of the second part of the Warhammer 40,000: Conquest magazine.  It came with the three easy build Plague Marines (list price £10), a pot of Death Guard Green paint (worth £2.55), six dice, a fold out play matt and a magazine for about £5.  I can always use more Plague Marines, especially as one comes with a Blight Launcher, and I get through a lot of the pain so it seemed like a smart buy.

I thought I’d photograph the Marines as they were being painted.  In part this is to remind myself that my miniatures, while ending up looking decent enough, go through a phase of looking absolutely terrible.

Timewise these three were done over the course of a week.  Other than one evening where I spent about two hours getting all the base colours done it was mostly done in small bursts of an hour or less a day or so apart.

Photo 1 – Base Colour


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