Death Guard vs Space Wolves (1500 points)

As it happened yesterday was the one year anniversary of me getting back into 40k after about a 30 year absence. I bought the Dark Imperium box set from Distinct Gaming in Belper a year ago and last night I had a game against the Space Wolves in store.

It was a very short and brutal game in which my Death Guard demolished the Space Wolves at the cost of four Pox Walker casualties.


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Painting Terminators…

…and a Foul Blightspawn.

IMG_2960.jpgWhen I paint my models there’s always that moment when the base coat is down that I think this looks rubbish.  The colours look patchy, or they look “cartoony” and show no detail.  This batch shows both issues with a patch coat of green and the overly vibrant and solid look of the gold.

But, after some washing and highlights…


Things look a lot better 🙂

Death Guard vs T’au (1,500 points)


Taking on the Tau…

I won on points, 3 games out of 3 for this list, but it was very close to a tabling on both sides.

Getting the first turn was very luck and very important. I got to really throw myself at the Tau and wiped out most of their infantry before they could fire a shot off.

But those big suits lurking at the back are awesome and took a toll when they fired back…

The List

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