Death Guard vs. Imperial Knights & Astra Militarum (1,750 pts) – Battle Report


Given that Necrosius was finished I now wanted to get him on the tabletop to see how he would do.  I wasn’t expecting much and considered my list pretty “fluffy” and non-competitive. I came up against three Imperial Knights backed by the loyal 32 acting as a Command Point battery.  Oh my.

Knights are a real weak spot for my Death Guard and facing three of them is a nightmare at the best of times yet alone when I’m playing around with Poxwalkers and Necrosius.

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Nurgle vs Orks (2,000 points) – Battle Report


I’ve only had two previous games against Orks, one pre-Codex and one post-Codex.  I found both games really fun so I was looking forward to this.  This game would be against a very good tournament level player and I knew I was going to be in for a tough one.  But let’s see how I can do.

List Theory


My list was built up from the one that I used in my last game against the Astra Militarum.  That seemed to work reasonably well and I wanted to try it against a very different type of army to see how it would work out.  It was built with some flexibility in mind, and I had no idea what type of Ork list I would be facing so I needed that.

On the Death Guard side I added a Marine to each squad as an ablative wound, a Foetid Bloat Drone to protect the Daemon Prince and an extra unit of Poxwalkers for additional screening or objective holding.

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Necrosius the Undying

When I ordered my second Forge World Contemptor Dreadnought if I spent a bit more I’d get free postage.  So I did what any sane modeller would do and gave GW even more of my cash and added a Sorcerer of Nurgle to my basket.

This would be my first Forge World regular sized miniature, and it was an experience.  He’s packed with lots and lots of detail, but there are also lots of moulding imperfections and it can be tough working out which is which.  There were a few bits that I had to cut away after I had painted some of it when I trigged that they weren’t meant to be a part of the model.

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Death Guard vs. Space Marines (1,000 points) – Battle Report


List Theory


I went back to mono-codex Death Guard for this game.  The size was dropped to 1,000 points in the hopes that we might manage two games.  My Nurgle Daemons battalion is a heavy investment at 768 points, and I felt that I wanted a bit more shooting then I could fit in around that.  So I went for pure Death Guard, and after saying that I wanted to be a bit more shooty I then decided that it would be fun to try and work on my melee Plague Marines again.  Plus I now have two rusted Rhinos, so this would be a good excuse to get them onto the table.

So my melee Plague Marines needed to get into combat quickly, so they would go into one Rhino.  The second Rhino was to carry some Plasma equipped Plague Marines, and they’d need a Chaos Lord for re-rolling those 1’s when overloading.  A Plagueburst Crawler was also taken so as to give something else to shoot at other than my Rhinos.  And now the list pretty much wrote itself.  Some Poxwalkers for objective holding and board control and a Deamon Prince to offer a fast moving threat along with the Plagueburst Crawler.  To fill up the Rhinos I popped a Foul Blightspawn into each.  And now we’re good to go.

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Nurgle vs. Space Marines (1,500 points) – Battle Report


This was a rematch against the Space Marines that I took on in my last game, we’d upped the points to 1,500 for this

List Theory


This time I was focussed on trying to integrate my Nurgle Daemons with my Death Guard.  The points had been upped so I had a bit more room, but it was still going to be tight.  So I made the decision to drop Rotigus.  This meant that I could take two elements to my Death Guard force.

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