Nurgle Daemon Prince with sword

Updating the Death Guard Daemon Prince for 9th Edition.

I’ve started gearing myself up for getting back to playing 40k on the tabletop. I didn’t play much 9th Edition before we were locked down again and I’ve not played with the new Death Guard Codex at all. So there seems to be quite a gap between where I am now and where I want to be as a gamer. As a first step of getting back into things I’ve started updating the cheat sheets that I made for each of my units. This allows me to go through the units one at a time and notice all the changes, so it should help me pick up the new Codex. The first unit in the Codex is the Death Guard Daemon Prince.

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Death Guard Hero

Plague Champion Gangrus

I moved on to work on another of the Space Marine Heroes.

This time I decided to try a little something new. Normally I would paint the plasma coils on a plasma weapon the same colour as the weapon, that is to say that they wouldn’t stand out. This time I wanted to add a little plasma glow.

How do I think it turned out?

Odd… A part of that must be because it looks different to me. But, after talking with a few people, I think it’s also that there’s no lighting up of the area around the glowing coil. If you got this bright glowing thing it would have an effect on the things next to it. It was suggested that I give Object Sourced Lighting a go, but for now I didn’t have the courage. I’ll give it a pop on another model that I’m less invested in.

Colours Used

  • Armour – Base of Death Guard Green, wash of Agrax Earthshade and drybrush with Nurgling Green.
  • Rusty metal – Base of Leadbelcher, wash of Agrax Earthshade, dry brush with Necron Compound, apply Typhus Corrosion and then drybrush with Ryza Rust.
  • Red cloak- Base of Screamer Pink, wash of Agrax Earthshade and a highlight with Changeling Pink.
  • Base Nurgling – Wash of Reikland Fleshshade straight over the white undercoat, wash of Carroburg Crimson and then drybrushed with Pallid Wych Flesh.
  • Back Nurgling – Base of Death World Forest, wash of Biel-Tan Green, highlight of Nurgling Green and a final highlight of Screaming Skull.
  • Sword – Base of Abbadon Black and a highlight with Chronus Blue.
  • Plasma coil – Layer of Hexwraith Flame straight over a white undercoat and a highlight with Ceramite White.
Death Guard Hero

Plague Marine Hero – Kholerus

After the epic work that was the Miasmic Malignifier I want something nice and simple so I returned to the Space Marine Heroes boxes. After Clotticus, Morslug and Gurg the Foul I opened another random box and Kholerus came out.

Not sticking the Nurgling on the base on the base until your finished is deifnetely the way to go so I repeated the trick.

And there’s not much else to say, he’s a lovely fun miniature and comes with another cracking little Nurgling 🙂

Colours Used

  • Armour – Base of Death Guard Green, wash of Agrax Earthshade and drybrush with Nurgling Green.
  • Horns – Base of Rakarth Flesh, wash of Agrax Earthshade and a highlight with Pallid Wych Flesh.
  • Rusty metal – Base of Leadbelcher, wash of Agrax Earthshade, dry brush with Necron Compound, apply Typhus Corrosion and then drybrush with Ryza Rust.
  • Red bandolier – Base of Screamer Pink, wash of Agrax Earthshade and a highlight with Changeling Pink.
  • Base Nurgling – Base of Death World Forest., wash of Biel-Tan Green, highlight of Nurgling Green, highlight of Screaming Skull.
  • Skulls – Base of Ushabti Bone, wash of Agrax Earthshade and then highlight with Pallid Wych Flesh.
  • Nurgling – Base of Zandri Dust, wash of Reikland Fleshshade and a highlight of Ushabti Bone.
  • Dripping Slime – Base of Moot Green, wash of Biel-Tan Green and then a covering with Nurgle’s Rot.
Miasmic Malignifier

Miasmic Malignifier

After finishing the Pox Furnace I then turned to the main piece, the Malignifier itself. This is a big model, and it’s packed with detail. It took about four weeks from assembly to completion.


The Malignifier comes with a lot of tubes that join the three ball parts together and accessories that hang off of it on chains. I decided that I wanted to paint the body without those accessories attached, I thought that they would get in the way too much. I assembled all the pipes and checked that they would be easy to fit later on and they wouldn’t be a problem. I also left the grid piece off of the pipe at the rear so that I could paint the interior. All of the little accessories were then glued to bits of sprue for easier undercoating and painting.

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Miasmic Malignifier work in progress

Miasmic Malignifier – The Pox Furnace

This, alongside the Lord of Virulence, is one of the new models for the Death Guard in the 9th Edition Codex. I’ve had this for a while but decided to focus on the Plague Marine heroes for a bit before tackling it. Then when I did decide to tackle this I got caught up in analyis paralysis about which colours to use for it. Most of the photos you see have it in the white/cream colours. But I haven’t painted that scheme, and didn’t want to try it out for this big model. I was tempted to paint it all rusty metal, but that might make it all look very samey. So I was somewhat locked up about what to do, and then I entered a slump in my mood as well, so there was a bit of a gap in any hobbying being done. Then I just decided to do it my usual Death Guard green and to just get on with it. So I geared myself up and got going going.

The model actually comes in three parts, there’s the main Misamic Malignifier and then two parts that form the Pox Furnace. It looks like they inteded you to leave them as seperate parts. But the rules for deploying only allow you to deploy one Pox Furnace and show the two parts as one. So I just glued them together. I should make transporting and playing with it a bit easier. The two parts did not join strongly and I didn’t want it falling to bits on the table.

And so, on to the painting. And the base colours all went on pretty easily enough and looked predictably grotty. Thankfully I trusted in the Agrax Earthshade and it saved the day. The gold trim on the sticky out pipe part was a real fall to paint, and I wonder if I should have painted the gold all over and then the green panels. On the rest of the model it wasn’t too much work at all.

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Death Guard Hero

Plague Marine Hero – Gurg the Foul

Having completed Clotticus and Morslug the next randomly chosen Plague Marine Hero was Gurg the Foul.

As with Morslug I did not attach the Nurgling to the base until he was finished, that makes the model much easier to paint. The Nurgling fits on really easily so there’s no problem with this at all.

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Death Guard Hero

Plague Marine Hero – Morslug

After painting Clotticus I wanted to take on another of the Plague Marine Heroes, so I grabbed another random box from my shelf and this time Morslug came out.

Learning from Clotticus this time I left the Nurgling off of the base so as to make it easier to paint. The Nurgling was glued on to a bit of sprue to help me handle him while painting. Looking at the model I felt pretty confident that I could paint the Marine when he was attached to the base without issue. Initial painting went pretty smoothly, I kept calm when I thought that the base colours looked awful and just moved on to the wash which pulled it all together.

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Old Star Wars miniatures

“Neglected But Not Forgotten” Painting Challenge

OK, so this isn’t Death Guard, Nurgle or even Warhammer related but I completed a painting challenge and so I’m quite pleased. Ann’s Immaterium created a Neglected But Not Forgotten challenge, and I decided to go for it.

1987 was a big year for me in gaming. I was circling 40k, I attended the Games Day in London when they released Rogue Trader but I also started Games Mastering the Star Wars RPG. Among the products for it that I picked up were some of the West End Games Star Wars miniatures. The ones that I needed for my gaming I painted up, but one that I avoided was the Princess Leia miniature. She’s tiny and would be basically just black and white, which I’ve always found hard to paint. She was also hard to use as a stand in for anything else, it was obviously Princess Leia. So she was just left as bare metal. Until now.

So, after an impressive 33 to 34 years in my collection, I now present a fully armed and operational, and painted, Princess Leia.

I’ve also photographed her with some of other models that I painted back at the time. They’ve got a lot of carbon scoring. Those boys have seen a lot of action. I painted Leia’s base to match the other bases so she fits in.

Death Guard Hero

Plague Marine Hero – Clotticus

I managed to get hold of a full set of the six Plague Marine Heroes (Space Marine Heroes Series 3), I picked one at random and started on him.

He’s pretty easy to assemble but the plastic they’re made from does seem a little bit different from the normal stuff, it seems a bit more brittle, so be careful.

And so on to painting, and this is where it seemed to take a wrong step. I got the base colours down and I thought that he looked awful. The brush work looked rubbish and the finish was poor. I was really quite negative about it. So I hit him with a wash of Agrax Earthshade and the difference was just amazing, suddenly he looked OK, that stuff really is talent in a bottle.

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Death Guard models and token

Death Guard/Nurgle game markers

After doing the pools of slime on the magnetised Great Unclean One‘s base I decided to make some wound/status markers for my gaming. These could be used to track wounded 2 wound Plague Marines or for the results of actions like Raise the Banners High. Basically there are numerous reasons why I might want to mark a location, unit or model and a little puddle of filth seems an appropriate way of doing this.

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